Sunday, January 29, 2017

January 2017

My photos posted backward! Here are some January happenings at me casa.

The boys and middle girls switched rooms! Yes, my boys are in a pink room. Whoever assigned genders to colors gets a huge eye roll from me. This room is the smallest bedroom so we decided to put the smaller kids (boys) in here and move the bigger, middle girls to the larger bedroom with their twin beds. Judah is kind of getting too tall for a toddler bed but the room is small. By the time we're ready to move, Thea will get his toddler bed and Judah will go back to a twin. He actually sleeps curled up so it's perfect. He was just stretching out here to be goofy.

Someone was having a hard time going in her diaper so I sat her on this toddler potty seat that snaps onto the toilet and she went poo. She's gone several times in the toilet since that day. She's 16-months-old. Hopefully this means easy, breezy potty training?! She's my last one in diapers.

School has been chugging along. The kids are loving Mystery Science. They watched a video on protecting yourself from harsh climate, including a blazing sun. The project associated with the video lesson was to make your own sun protection from random things.

We joined a homeschool co-op. We're still in the "getting to know you" phase, as far as adults go. The kids have made a few instant friends. Our first visit included a special visitor from Paul Mesner puppets here in KC. They got to make puppet superheroes and then my boys, not shy whatsoever, got up in front of all these strangers and shared their puppets and a little story.

Silas made Batman, naturally (he's obsessed) and Judah made Flash.

Someone got a haircut! Her bangs were constantly in her eyes. They need to be trimmed again but look at how boo-ti-ful my baby girl looks with her sweet bangs and little Boo pigtails (Monsters, Inc. reference). She was actually super cranky here but managed a pic without her screaming.

Still no guinea pig babies. Any day now! (See last post.)

A pic of Nutmeg today at about 60 days pregnant.

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