Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Homeschool Classroom 2016-2017

I have been meaning to post this for such a long time now but it kept getting away from me. We are on week 12 of homeschool. It's been going pretty well. Over the summer I took a look at our back room, behind the kitchen. It is a small bedroom-sized room and it also houses our laundry. We had a deep freeze and two huge industrial shelves back there, for storage. We kept the litterbox in there. All-in-all it was kind of a gross room. Mainly because, in order to keep the rest of the house orderly, we tossed everything in there and pretended the room didn't exist. It was our laundry/utility/storage.

And I got sick of it. I love cleanliness. I love order. I love organization. I love everything having a place. I also love making good use of each space. I felt like we could make better use of the space by converting it into our classroom! Our dining room is the center of our house and it got taken over with school stuff.

Here's where we were doing school, which isn't too shabby. But when it's the center of your house it quickly gets taken over by school stuff. I needed a space to put school things, out of sight, so it wasn't consuming me and stressing me out:

I didn't get a before of the laundry/utility/storage room until after it was cleared out. The washer and dryer are in this separate space to the right. I had already begun filling in holes and getting ready for paint here.  

Notice the ceilings. I don't know why, but when we moved in I thought sponging metallic paint on the ceiling would look cool. Guess what! It doesn't!

Ceiling was painted white, the walls pale gray-blue, trim white. Elaina was helping paint the trim here.

These floors. SIGH. Well due to lack of funds we did what we could afford. And that was to paint them, with floor paint. I made sure everything was screwed down securely, filled in the seams with wood putty, and then power sanded it all down.

 I applied a primer and then a medium gray floor paint. We couldn't walk on it for days. And because it was so humid, it will still a little sticky when we did finally touch it. My cat walked over it, too, leaving little pawprints. Painting these floors was the worst thing I think I've ever done but there's no looking back.

Rare view of part of the room from the backyard window.

Finally moving in. We waited extra days to put furniture in there but it still rubbed up some of the paint. So so frustrating but better than plain orange-y plywood.

We ended up taking the little table out of the middle of the room and putting in a pretty, soft rug that the kids could lay on and read books.

Our bookcase is colorful and holds our school books, reading books, and anything we may need during lessons, like sharpeners and erasers. I love this bookcase.

All-in-all the room is bright, cheerful and best-of-all it is useful! This is our homeschool classroom.

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Vixbil said...

How wonderful to have a room dedicated to home schooling! You've really got it going on!