Monday, November 14, 2016

And then she was one... and he was five...

September has already come and gone but I had to share: the baby is one!

Big beautiful blue eyes!

The kids helped me make her funfetti cupcakes. We put these pearl candies on and then regretted it shortly after. They were hard as rocks! Pretty, but not edible. I thought they'd be softer like wedding mints.

The pearls sure looked pretty.

Eating her birthday dinner: pizza. She was a little nervous because her grandparents were there. For whatever reason she freaks out when she sees them. No idea why! She's done it since she was old enough to notice people.

She loved the frosting (we plucked her pearl candies off). But she didn't really go crazy with the cake. Just a few nibbles of frosting were enough.

Wearing the jumper that her Nonna made for her. Little blurry but so cute. She has the best smile and the best hugs and the best giggles...

And big brother turned five just 12 days after her first birthday... I made a chocolate cake from scratch. But we used pre-made frosting that I tinted turquoise. It was so yum!

This wasn't taken on his exact birthday, but a few days before. Just love her squeezing her brother's face. They aren't always this amiable but they do get along pretty well!

Woke me up birthday morning so I could wish him a happy birthday.

I didn't get very many pictures of birthday boy. The boys move so fast. But he loved his Toy Story Busybook and got a pic of him playing with his gift, with two of his sisters.

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Vixbil said...

Oh Joy, where has the time gone! Your gorgeous family look wonderful and it's so lovely to catch up on what you've been doing xx