Sunday, September 18, 2016

Free Online Educational Programs for Kids

We have three weeks of school under our belts thus far and I thought it'd be important to create a post that shares some of the invaluable and free resources I have discovered. Please note that I haven't used the entirety of all of these websites, so I cannot speak to their accuracy. Some of these I've put here as bookmarks for myself and my own use.

I personally feel that modern technology is very helpful, especially for visual learners, in education. We use these programs to supplement and help solidify concepts that are often hard to imagine without visual aid. One example would be history. Documentaries and online programs, pictures and re-enactments help children to paint a mental image of the past. You can visit towns that do live re-enactments and visit museums to see and learn of the past, but for the spur-of-the-moment learning opportunities it is super helpful to have information just a few clicks away. I don't like my kids to sit online all day, so they don't. We spread these programs out throughout the week.

These are free websites as of this date. Some may also offer additional member benefits for a small fee. You should not be required to provide any payment information for the free services.


Teach Your Monster to Read
Spelling City
Quill  (middle/high school writing)
Learning English Kids (British English)
English Grammar 101
Grammar Monster


Science Fusion (links to another blog that has all the links)
Mystery Science (we got first year free; this may change)


Archeology for Kids (lots of fun games)
BBC History for Kids
National Museum of American History


Kahn Academy


List of Music Resources
Hoffman Academy (free piano lessons)
Art for Kids Hub


Dance Mat

Interactive Sites
Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool 

This list could go on and on! These are ones that we've personally used or are interested in using.
Is there anything you'd add to the list? 

Note: We do use some other online resources, like Reading Eggs, but you would have to pay to continue using after your free trial offer. I want to keep the above list to websites that you can use for free for at least one year or longer.

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