Saturday, March 12, 2016

Spring Break!

Woo, officially on spring break. And I'm already dreaming up our school year for the next year. I'm going through books to sell and looking for ones to buy. It's so refreshing to make changes, even minor ones. It gets you excited about new things to come. We have a lot of familiar favorites we're keeping handy, as well.

Having a baby at the start of this school year has meant restrictions on some things. I wanted to do so much more art and art study, but too often we aren't able to get to it. Art is very leisurely and wonderful... unless you have a toddler (or two) and a baby. I'm trying to juggle so much and am often exhausted. The big girls have done stuff solo but that is met with different challenges. Overall I'm excited for what next year will bring when my hands a little more free. Of course it's bittersweet because I don't want my baby to grow too fast!

In great, irrelevant news, we have a family vehicle now. My minivan was giving us so many problems and needing expensive work almost monthly. It sat for many months and I finally sold it. We found out we were having another baby so the van wouldn't have worked for us anyway since it only seated 7.

For a very long time after I sold the van, we only had Daniel's pickup truck. Which meant we didn't all fit and we almost never left the house. I'm so happy to say that we got an Expedition a few months ago and we all fit quite comfortably. My only issue is the lack of trunk space. When I get groceries I have to pile stuff around everyone or go alone. Daniel ended up selling his pickup truck and we just have the one family vehicle now. He works two jobs so he always has it. Doh! So I'm still often without a vehicle. BUT it does mean that we can get to church and do fun family stuff on Daddy's day off, unlike before.

A peek inside our vehicle. We had to play musical carseats after this because it was extremely difficult getting Thea into the center seat while rear-facing. Thea is now behind the passenger, Silas in the middle and Abigail sits behind driver (we bumped Judah to the far back). We fold Abigail's seat to allow the other three kiddos into the very back. Much, much better arrangement. I feel more comfortable going out with all six by myself with this configuration. Elaina helps with Silas so he doesn't run off and get hit by a car when the kids get out.

So for spring break I don't really have much planned. Thus far, the only thing we've planned is to take the kids to the zoo on Monday (Daddy's day off), then Daniel has an eye appointment, and then we want to put a fire in the firepit and roast hotdogs and marshmallows. It's supposed to be a gorgeous day/evening.

 I can't end a post without showing off the baby, of course! Thea is 6-months-old, as of tomorrow. She has two teeth, started waving this week, rolls over (and over and over until she's clear across the room). Still breastfeeding, still bed-sharing. She squeals in delight when she sees her siblings and her daddy. She LOVES the mirror and gets so excited when she sees her reflection that she starts shaking. She's been babbling for awhile so I sense her first word is coming soon!