Saturday, January 23, 2016

Selling and Buying: Home Edition

This is the year! This is the year we list the house, and hopefully sell it quicker than I can imagine. I'm so nervous about living in a house that I'm trying to sell, with six kids! I'm thinking we may have to go the "open house" route. Most stuff will be packed away in storage when we list the house. But first we are finishing up some projects.

I knocked out a few projects last year. Obviously did the exterior work (see previous post). Before Thea was born I got this major itch to redo our master bedroom. I knew she'd be sleeping with us for at least the first few weeks (she's still in there with us at 4-months-old!) so I wanted it painted and given enough time to air out before she arrived.

I don't have a real good before. I just found some random shots of my room. The walls were dark green, the trim was painted brown. Blech! Dark on dark. The room felt like a dark hole, and not in a good way.


 We went with Sherwin Williams paint. I usually use pretty cheap paint. I did not realize how expensive Sherwin Williams was until after my paint was mixed. I'm so glad I went ahead with the purchase because this paint is amazing! We went with Sea Salt in matte finish for the walls and semi-gloss Alabaster for the trim. The exterior trim on our house was also done in Alabaster. It's the Sherwin Williams color of the year for 2016. We're so hipster.

Progress Shot! Rooms are so much easier to paint when you just have to do the walls. The trim/woodwork is so tedious. Especially as I was using oil-based paint so it was just so so so sticky and stinky! Why oil-based for the trim? It is strong enamel and easier to wipe clean. I wanted durability. The walls were latex but we're not touching walls like we touch door frames and window frames.
 Ta da! The effort was all worth it. My room went from dungeon dark to light and airy! This picture doesn't do it justice and still looks dark but that's just a bad pic. It's gorgeous in person. Such a calm, serene color.

Painting the puke green ceiling white.

Trying to paint a tall ceiling without a sprayer is quite the feat!

This particular picture really shows off how bright the room gets. I'm not kidding, it was always so dark. We put white curtains in to keep the lightness. I thought having a dark room would be cozy but it's actually quite depressing (to us, anyway). 

Okay another part of our master was the little extra room. It's been many things. Now it's our walk-in closet. It's big, it's beautiful. Check it out!

"Closet" BEFORE (our AC broke twice last year so we got a window unit and everyone slept in our room until the AC was fixed, hence all the extra people and clutter here).

After! I love coming in here to sit. The nursery glider is in there right now and it's a cozy nook.

Daniel and I bought a pine board and a pine pole, cut them each in half. Then we used white closet brackets to attach it all together into the studs in the wall, creating an inexpensive and open closet system. The little white bookcase fit, on the left, perfectly between the wall and the shelves we built. I need to redo the white bookcase but it's not attached to anything and can be taken out and painted any time I get the urge to paint yet another piece of furniture.

We moved Thea's bed and dresser into our closet space. It's an open room, and a decent size. So it's still our closet but also her sleeping space.


While I had the stinky enamel trim paint out, for our bedroom trim, I started in on the downstairs bathroom trim. The door and baseboards came primed from the store, but they were never painted. I learned my lesson with painting the baseboards in my bedroom: use tape! Latex paint, no big deal. But oil paint? Tape, tape, tape.

 Our downstairs bathroom was gutted and done for us by our brother-in-law. He did a fantastic job and we just love it. The walls are Tranquility (a paint from Lowe's but I forget brand) and the trim is Sherwin William's Alabaster. At this point, all that is left to do in this bathroom is to put the vent plate in and touch-up  a little ceiling paint.

 I was so done with painting by the time I got to this door. But I'm so proud of it every time I walk into the bathroom and see how clean and glossy it looks now. Before it was painted it got extremely dirty from the kids' hands and it couldn't be cleaned off! You can see toward the top of the door that it is yellowed and stained looking, yuck. The primer just soaked all the dirt up. Now the door is wipe-able and beautiful. Taking the doorknob off was such a good idea. I was able to paint much quicker without it in the way.


Thanks for checking out my updates! I realize the pics are mostly dark and not the greatest but I'm not a photographer and used my phone for most of them, ha! The rooms look way better and brighter in person.
There are only two major projects left to do before we are ready to get the house appraised and listed. Those would be the upstairs bathroom (I'm actually in the middle of painting it right now) and gutting the kitchen.

Upstairs bath: finish painting, new sink faucet, new toilet.

Kitchen: replace all the walls, paint walls and ceiling, put in new cabinets and counters.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fourth Month

We have been back-to-school from winter break but today it's been very relaxed. Today it is snowing these big fluffy snowflakes. The baby and Silas are napping while Abigail bakes Snickerdoodle cookies, Zoe and Judah attempt to clean up Legos that were dumped everywhere and Elaina is playing on her Kindle. Almost 2pm and we still haven't started a lesson, oops.

I could get frustrated about it, or I could let it go and start something momentarily. It was a three-cups-of-coffee kind of morning for me. It's going to be a leftovers-for-dinner kind of night. Because baby kept me up all night with her restlessness and first cold. And because I've been busy selling used books online and just trying to play with the kiddos. Sometimes I just need to stop and really look them in the eye and say, "I hear you. I see you. I love you."

So Miss Thea turned 4-months-old this month! She is still such a sweet and happy girl. Lately she has wanted to be held, seemingly constantly. She's been suckling and chomping on her fingers. Only mommy will do, for the most part. She's smitten with her daddy and I've been able to leave the house solo a few times for quick errands (usually my exclusively breastfed babies go everywhere with me because we don't have bottles).

 Four-Month Beauty

Roly-poly with the prettiest almond-shaped eyes.
Thea is trying really hard to roll over now. She makes this whining-shrieking sound when she gets tired (I have jokingly referred to the sound as a "stuck pig" because that is what it reminds me of). She has lost almost all of her hair and has some lovely cradle crap. She's really liking this Peek-a-Boo game that Mommy started playing with her lately. She thinks it is hilarious when we jiggle her arms and make her dance. Her laughs are mostly silent but I can get some good sounding belly laughs from her when I tickle all her chins (ha) and behind her thighs. 

One of her favorite things is diaper changing time. I've never known a baby to be calmed down, from crying, by simply laying them down and taking their diaper or clothes off. She's never had a rash so it's not seemingly discomfort. She just likes being undressed. She will stop crying and start grinning (like the B&W pics above). Her newest thing is to lift up both legs and crash them down together, over and over, when I change her. Not so fun if she does it before I can move a dirty diaper out of the way because it gets on her feet, ew!

She also loves the television. If it is on she will crane her neck to try and see it. Her biggest entertainment comes in the form of five big siblings, though. She loves all of them and gets delighted to see them. 

I love waking up to her sweet, sleepy grins and shrieks. She's such a wonderful blessing!