Saturday, December 26, 2015

Better Every Year

Each Christmas that passes gets better and better. The kids really get into the giving spirit now. They are remembering Christmas past. They still get sparkly eyes and are full of wonder at all the festivities. It really is a wonderful time of year!

At Nonna and Poppy's house on Christmas

We're all sugared out from all the goodies we've baked and we are enjoying playing games. We are still waiting for snow, though I'm not personally in any hurry. It sure feels cold outside! Perhaps we will ring in the new year with some flurries.

We hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Photo Dump December

So not a whole lot has been going on over here. We are back to homeschooling, after Thanksgiving break. One more week until we are on Christmas break. My brain looks forward to these breaks. I'm one of those people who strive to be organized but sometimes it backfires real bad. These breaks allow me to get my act back together. School is one of those areas where I'm constantly fine-tuning. There are so many kids and personalities and needs... and only one me. I seriously think teachers are amazing souls. If you teach I applaud you. This gig isn't for the faint of heart. You have to be flexible to change but stern about making sure you meet the goals.

Homeschooling this year has been interesting. Things that I thought the girls would really enjoy were met with pouts and the grumps. I have to tell you that when you work overtime to make something special, it is really hard to not take it personal when they could care less. It stings. And makes me question my abilities. And then I tell myself to stop having a pity party and keep at it. They almost always come around! For instance, I wanted them to each pick a planet in our solar system to research in depth. Oh the moans and groans! You'd have thought I asked them to eat sardines. I let them have their fit and let them mull the idea over and then we got 'er done. They end up having fun and learning a lot. They love to share what they learned, which is the best part.

 Thea usually sleeps through school time. <3 p="">

This season I've had so much time to craft because I'm not creating hundreds of jewelry orders, as in the past. I don't sew but I took a stab at making my own hand-sewn ornament. It's definitely got that ''handmade charm'' look to it and is not perfect. I took an old shirt, put it in a embroidery hoop and sewed on some white felt for snow and then sewed on six little snow-people to represent my six kiddies. I stuffed it with cotton balls so it's like a little ornament pillow. The perfectionist in me is trying really hard to not take it all apart and try again, lol! I'm learning that art doesn't have to be perfect to be good. It definitely doesn't have to be perfect in order to be cherished.

And then I decided to make some trees for my mantle. I have a somewhat long fireplace mantle and always throw up random Christmas knick-knacks. I wanted to go for an actual theme. My mother-in-law made these big snow-people to represent each family member and so I made trees to be their Christmas forest.

The tree on the left was made with a cardboard cereal box, jute twine and hot glue. That's it! Both of the other two were made with styrofoam cones that I found at the dollar store. The center one I used lace ribbon, carefully wrapped around and pinned into the foam, and a votive candle for the tree base. The one on the far right was burlap ribbon and these old decorative pins that I removed from a chair long ago. I have added more trees since I took this picture: a raffia ribbon tree (handmade by me) and a tall, silver, glittered one I found at the dollar spot at Target, some bottle-brush trees found at Walmart, pinecones that my eldest and I painted.

I made a felt ball garland to go over the mirror. You can kind of see the snow-people here. I have since changed the trees up. This picture was taken long before I finished the forest but wanted to show the snow family! I'll try to remember to take an updated and better picture because all the trees look so cool together.

This week has been the Week of Perler Beads. I have been staying up watching TV and making fun things for the kids to play with. Mindless entertainment + crafts = fun! I made a Tardis and a ton of colorful Daleks (I've added 8 more to this lot). My kids are obsessed with Doctor Who. I'm going to make them Doctor Who ornaments, as I do make each kid a new ornament (or two or three) each year.

In baby news, Thea is reaching for toys now. Cue my cry face! I want her to grow but at the same time she needs to stay my little baby.

Caught her dimple! She has this big, precious dimple that flashes when she makes certain faces.

Thea and me just yesterday! Showing off her baby blues.

Miss Smiley! She is so joy-filled. She is a silent laugher but I've been able to get a few giggles out of her. It's funny because she giggles out loud like she's not quite sure what is going on and it sounds a little forced. Like when you subconsciously tap your foot to music and when you realize it you're like, 'Whoa, wth". Don't know if I make sense but it is hilarious!