Monday, November 30, 2015

Thea is Two-Months

i love you mom from abbie zoe and elaina   [Kids snuck onto my computer and typed that and it's just too sweet to delete!]

My six babies

I feel our family has been in the pit the better part of the year and we seem to be coming to the other side of a lot of absolute junk that has been going on. Being pregnant for 9 months of it made small problems seem huge, too. I cried more this year than I have my entire married life (almost 11 years). And no, no marital problems. But dealing with life stresses can put a strain on even the strongest couple. Happy to say we're still best friends, lol.

Being pregnant is such a joy but it's also not an easy responsibility. It's very taxing on your body, on your mind, on your emotions. I'm absolutely and wholeheartedly grateful for my sweet Thea but being pregnant was difficult. I wish I could say I am at my best during pregnancy but pain, fatigue and hormones make me feel like an overstimulated, caged feline. Couple that feeling with being stuck at home (Daniel drove his pickup to work and that's the only car we've had for a year) and you get some mad cabin fever. I really struggled with some blues after she was born. I didn't miss being pregnant but I was weepy because I knew she'd grow so fast. She is my last baby so I didn't want her to lose all her newborn-ness so quickly. I'd kind of laugh-cry because I'm not a crier and I felt silly for feeling so weepy.

She's over two-months-old now and I've been feeling much better and more myself. It feels like she's always been with us. I keep forgetting she's still so little because she's growing so fast and she just belongs. She was meant for our family. She is cooing and super smiley. She is trying to reach for toys and staying awake for longer periods of time. She is a fan of mommy and Elaina holding her but may put up a fuss with others unless she has her binky. She doesn't really cry. She'll fuss but she hasn't really cried uncontrollably or anything (Silas, my sweet boy, cried a lot so maybe his babyhood being freshest in my mind is why I'm so shocked that she's almost always happy). She sleeps really well at night but I still wake up to check on her. She may go 6-8 hours without waking/nursing at night.

We have a family car now that fits all 8 of us comfortably. Yay for no more cabin fever! We got an Expedition XLT. It's like a circus act getting everyone in and out, though, ha! I'll be taking all six kids to the store by myself tomorrow and I'm super grateful that Elaina helps me out a lot.

Elaina and Thea, the biggest and the littlest

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Susan Sene said...

last baby??! noooooo!!! :) They do grow so fast. Glad you are feeling better. I have, surprisingly, done better post partum so far this time than ever before. Not sure why. I did have the most help after Eliza and I know lack of help can contribute so maybe that's part of it....why I've always wanted a June baby. With my mom and husband both being teachers can you imagine that much help all summer?!?! :)