Sunday, November 1, 2015

New Baby Pics

Thea is almost 2-months old now but here are some pictures of her during her newborn stage. She was born with more hair than any of her other siblings. It's also the darkest haired baby I've had (Daddy has black hair). Her eyes are blue and getting lighter and brighter as time goes on.

Breastfeeding is going great now. But the first couple weeks were really hard. She has a tiny mouth, I was tender and I had the worst afterbirth pains than any other time. Then I got a milk blister (it feels like someone is grinding shards of glass into your flesh when baby latches on - it hurts SO bad!). After the blister healed and the afterbirth pains stopped and her latch improved... we're doing great. I haven't had to supplement and she's SO chubby even her rolls have rolls!

We are cosleeping but she likes her own space. She doesn't like to sleep in the crook of my arm. She prefers to be near but doesn't have to be ON me, like most of her siblings needed to be. It has meant decent sleep for me, for the most part. Sometimes she likes to wake up and party for a couple hours at night, from time-to-time.

As far as personality: she is super smiley and happy and sweet. She rarely gets upset and is easily consoled. She lets me put her down for decent amounts of time so I can get some things done real quick and get back to snuggling her. She's also pretty quiet, content to watch everyone and even doze off on her own (like she did just now when I set her in the bouncer so I could get some homeschool lessons done).

She's the perfect little addition to our family!

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The Mommy said...

She is a cutie! And looks so cuddly, too.