Thursday, November 5, 2015

One Month Old

It is still surreal to know I have four daughters and two sons. When Elaina was a month old I dolled her up in this pretty cream romper with soft pastel pink flowers and got a few pictures. When Abigail came along I pulled the same romper out and ended up with a similar photo/pose for her one-month photo. So I continued the tradition and have a picture of each of my girls sleeping in the romper at the same exact age. They all look so different and yet you can tell they're sisters. My first three girls had a little fuzz for hair but Thea had a lot of hair! She's lost quite a bit of it but still has more than her sisters did at their first birthdays.

Sweet sleepy girl. She has tiny storkbites on her eyelids. She sleeps so well for a new baby! One month at 10/13/15.

She's wondering what the big flashy thing is that I keep pointing at her (camera).

This is the end of her grin. She has these HUGE, silent grins. Seriously the most joyful baby.

Some cute shots. At first she wasn't sure about sitting propped up, then she saw me, smiled and about fell over with her full body grin. Swoon!

I waited a long, long time to bathe this beauty. I wiped her neck and underarms when necessary but otherwise she didn't get a bath until she was over a month old. I have only washed her hair with water and thus far no cradle cap (I swear even the eco-conscious stuff can cause that junk). I don't have an infant tub so we used the sink. She was unsure at first but was okay once she adjusted to the water. Just check out those delicious chunky rolls! She's got rolls on top of rolls. She's even more roly-poly since this pic was taken a few weeks ago.

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