Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Goodbye October

We just celebrated the last birthday of the year, for our little (er big) family with Zoe turning 6 at October's end. I'm so behind on recording all the funnies, all the difficult moments... our lives. I try so hard to not get on the computer all day so blogging often escapes my thoughts until I'm in bed. Then I'm too tired!

But enough of that! Check out these cheeks. Here's Thea at one-month-old! She was sitting up but fell over and was making silly faces.

One-month and tuckered out. She is so so so peaceful. When she does cry it is so cute it about breaks your heart and you want to drop everything and make it all better.

Oh hey, I have other kiddos! Look, I got all six of them in a picture. This is the first pic of all six of my babies together, on Halloween of all days. Coordinating them into clothes with brushed hair and good attitudes is next to impossible. There's always the ONE kid (or two) who has to rebel. But Halloween? They were more than cooperative, as I said I wanted a pic before we went out!

We've got Elsa, Iron Man, a Renaissance princess (her dress is amazing; reminds me of Merida's in Once Upon a Time), a unicorn and Batman! Thea didn't have a costume. She wore her skull booties and a crocheted pumpkin hat while I wore her in the Moby-style carrier.

Get this: I took all six out trick-or-treating BY MYSELF. They did really well. Just had a few touch-and-go moments with the 2-year-old but thankfully our neighborhood is blocked off from traffic during trick-or-treat. We stayed out for quite a bit and had fun. I made baked macaroni-and-cheese for dinner (I used Muenster in it, which all the kids pronounce as Monster Cheese) and we watched Halloween Wars. The kids ate so much candy when we got home and got busy trading their goodies.

Silas was SO cute trick-or-treating. He's a pretty ornery kid. But he just grinned and grinned at everyone. He refused to say "trick or treat". One woman bent down to his level and asked him to say it. He grinned at her for a solid 20 seconds before he sweetly said, "No" and then giggled. She busted up laughing and gave him the candy. He kept trying to look at everyone behind us so I was pretty much dragging him house-to-house. Every time he got a piece of candy he giggled and just had so much wonder and joy in his eyes. I love seeing things through the eyes of a toddler! All is so shiny and new and joyous.

Another Silas funny: he loves to tell a joke. But before I get to that I have to explain that we are Whovians (and by "WE" I do mean every single person under the roof of my house, kids included). We watch Dr. Who weekly. We obsess over all the toys and gadgets one can buy. My kids pretend-play Dr. Who all day, everyday. They LOVE it.

So Silas loves to tell his joke:
Silas: "Knock knock!"
Me: "Who's there?"
Silas: "Doctor."
Me: "Doctor Who?"

Cue insane giggling. Every time! It never gets old to him.

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