Monday, May 25, 2015

Quick Blurp

Hey, hi, hello!

We've wrapped up our school year so I've been busily planning our next school year and trying to just relax and have fun with the kiddos. We've been spending a lot of time outdoors, when it isn't pouring rain (which seems to be very often lately). 

Because the baby is due some time in September I want us to get at least a month of school in before her arrival, then we'll take a little break as we get accustomed to our new bundle of joy. But because I'm planning everything now, we will be able to jump back in when ready without me having to juggle lesson planning with a brand new infant. So we're starting in August and doing our scheduled learning up to the time when baby is born in September (new EDD is 9/15 but it's just an estimate; she may come before that date or well after).

I always write up a blog post about what subjects and curriculum we'll be using (sadly that won't be included in this post tonight as my brain just shut off and all I want to do is go snuggle under my blankets). If you want to know anything about how we "do homeschool" leave a comment and I'll include the info in one of my upcoming homeschool posts. It could be about mealtime, PE, what our daily schedule looks like, chores, field trips, how to plan lessons - whatever you want!

For now I snooze. Good night, friends!

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The Mommy said...

We are TRYING to finish up our homeschool year- 25 math lessons left because I have a need to finish the curriculum! We had our state mandatory testing a few weeks ago and that has caused my mind to shift to summer. I've ordered everything for next homeschool year and will start organizing that in July so that our new year will start in mid-August.