Monday, April 13, 2015

Will I Ever Stop Painting?!

It seems I am forever changing the paint palette around our house. I put my business on the backburner, moved everything out of our smallest bedroom where I had set up shop and had the girls move back down to the second level (they had a loft-style bedroom in our finished attic but the temps get extreme in the summer and winter). So my before pic isn't the same shot of the afters because it shows the opposite wall of the after pictures... but it at least gives you an idea that the room was very blue with brown trim.

I had just gotten done painting the boys' shared room blue and it has brown trim.

Uh so two rooms immediately next-door to each other, that were both blue with brown trim? Nah. I didn't like that! I don't mind blue rooms for girls but I didn't want so much sameness. So the girls moved in and after a couple weeks I kicked them back out so I could paint. They camped out in my room on their mattresses while daddy was out-of-town.

BEFORE (when it was my messy studio):

Girls had just moved back in and then moved back out so I could paint! Started getting pink on the walls and antique white on the trim. My first coat of pink was like Pepto Bismol. It was horrid. I had to go buy white paint to mix into it and soften it up. The reason for the paint on the trim: the previous owners painted each bedroom's trim! I don't want to mess with acids or chemicals to remove it so just painted it again.

The door was driving me nuts so I decided it would be the antique white too! I'm a super messy painter: you may be able to see paint on the floor if you look hard enough lol. I just let it dry to touch and then scrape it off. If I try to wipe it up when it's wet it gets into the wood grain and discolors it.

This project took me seemingly forever but not as long as it took me to do our stairway and upstairs hall (oh yeah, forgot to mention I painted that as well!). Here is the day they moved back in. We were cleaning the floor. The dressers will be painted minty blue... eventually. Still haven't done those and I painted this room back in February!

Everyone going crazy for the rug being back in the room! It was like a dance party. For the kids anyway, because I was in one cranky mood. Especially when it got time to put the bed back together. Heat + pregnancy hormones + manual labor = hot mess!

All five of my cuties, minus the one in utero! Yes I did this while pregnant. Yes I am crazy. I tend to do more paint projects when pregnant than not.

Stinkin' bed took a lot of sweat and profanity to put back together solo (yup, I repented). The room looks fit for princesses. It's so cute! I haven't really done a classic pink and white bedroom before, believe it or not. I did do Elaina's attic loft bedroom more tween-ish with pink, black and white but it was like zebra stripes and boldness overload. This is much softer and more princess-y.

Now I did mention it's the smallest bedroom! I wasn't joking. It's actually my favorite room in the whole house, always has been since we moved in. It's just so cozy and has the cutest closest. Two younger girls share the bed since they're still small. Elaina has moved in as well. She sleeps on her mattress, on the floor, at the end of their bed. It's insanely tight in there but they pretty much only sleep in there so oh well. It's temporary. I'm actually hoping we have enough after major renovations to get a daybed that has a trundle.


Oh but it isn't over. Back in November 2014, right around the time I conceived actually, I painted my brother-in-law's place before he moved in. I painted the bedroom, the kitchen and the living room. I painted them all the same color but it flowed really well.


AFTER BEDROOM (some spots were still wet, hence the lighter streaks):

AFTER BEDROOM, other view:


AFTER KITCHEN (my mom-in-law came later and painted the lowers white):

AFTER KITCHEN (still drying):

It was a royal mess from the previous occupants. Like revolting. The fresh paint really brightened up the place. All the colors were very dark and monotone. My BIL loved how it turned out and he's enjoying his new digs now, minus the sunflower kitchen cabinets!!!

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