Friday, April 17, 2015

SONOGRAM DAY: We are having...........

 .............. a baby! Before we left for the sonogram we asked each of the kids what they thought we were having (all the girls said GIRL and Judah said BOY). When we asked Silas if he thought baby was a boy or a girl he just mumbled "kitty" around his binky. Very happy to say we're having a human. :-D

A super cute, wiggly, goofy one to be more specific. One who wasn't shy and showed us the money shot several times.

We were going to wait to find out but I was 99% sure baby was a girl. So I said, "Why not? We're here, let's look and confirm!" So we did and I was not shocked whatsoever to see we are having a girl. In fact, everyone who came along was on Team Pink, including Daddy. We took just the three big girls with us and left the boys with Daniel's parents.

We went to the same 3D keepsake place that we went to when having each of these three girls. However this place also does 2D diagnostics but for less than half the cost of the radiology clinics we usually go to (because at those clinics there's a paid physician who reviews your sonogram right then and there so the extra payment goes to his/her services). She did turn on the 3D for one pic so that was a neat little extra.

Yes, yes, yes... so we were going to wait to find out what we are having but I was so convinced of one sex that I wanted to just confirm it and prepare. I would have been delighted either way but I also would have been in absolute shock if baby was a boy because nothing screamed boy about this pregnancy. There's no extra credit if you choose to wait, though I did love waiting with Silas. It was really special. But I also do not regret confirming my suspicions today. We're having a GIRL, woo hoo!

I was nervous. I was worried about any and every anomaly or issue that might be detectable via sonogram but she got the all-clear. Yay! The only odd thing was that my due date was changed 10 days later than we were originally measuring. I feel I am very well versed in what happens during conception and I realize that the dates can be off by upwards of two weeks in either direction. I had already accounted for the possibility and was going by the absolute furthest EDD possible so to be told she was two weeks behind that just doesn't make any mathematical sense. Hence my thinking that she's just growing slower than average. We do all grow at our own rates but I am used to babies measuring bigger, not smaller, lol!
The EDD was 9/5 and the sonogram tech recommended 9/15. Either way baby is most likely coming some time in September! Unless there's medical indication to induce we won't be evicting baby by a specific date.

So baby is measuring at 18 weeks, not 20 weeks. This may also explain why I'm, as of yesterday, feeling baby now. Oh I felt really sporadic flutters here and there but I really started feeling baby regularly yesterday and today (in fact right at this moment she's moving about). Still don't feel her from the outside but I definitely feel her fluttery, soft movements within. My favorite part is feeling baby!

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Kahla said...

Kitty cracked me up! Congratulations on another healthy baby girl!