Thursday, April 23, 2015

I Regret My Front Loader

The day we went shopping for a new washer was like Christmas. Momma was getting a new toy and it was going to be fantastic! I fell in love with this shiny blue washer and for the first few months it was bliss. Fast forward a few years... and the honeymoon is so over. I bought into the front-loader hype with very little unbiased research. Once we really got into using it the issues cropped up and became very apparent.

The reasons I fell out of love:

1). It takes 1.5 hours to wash ONE load. Very little water is used. Your clothes basically roll around in dampness. Imagine sprinkling your clothes with a fine mist and then just letting it roll in a metal barrel. It doesn't clean! I miss my agitator and loads of water! It will lower your water bill by a few bucks a month but watch your electric bill because this thing takes ages to complete a load. I'm failing to see the energy efficiency here.

2). Cloth diapering has been a nightmare. Once my kids hit the solid food stage we may as well not even bother cloth diapering. Before the food stage it is blissful - no blowouts, no burns, no rashes, no smells. Breastfed baby poo washes out so much easier. But once they start solids their urine and feces changes. There's all this science about it and about ammonia but front loaders just don't wash them! I have to do SO many cycles on one tiny load of diapers that it takes me literally all day (sun-up to sun-down). I have to plan my entire laundry schedule around doing cloth diapers. And yes I've researched and tried every little thing suggested. I've even come up with my own ideas to solve the issues, to no avail. I don't want to keep guessing anymore. I'm getting tired of it and tired of having my life revolve so much around the diapers. I just want to wash them, know they're clean, diaper my boy without worry... wash, rinse, repeat.

3). High maintenance. These things can get funky fast and are notorious for housing mildew and mold (I'm sure top loaders are as well but not nearly as bad). I don't want high maintenance. I am forgetful and have a million other things to do. I need something simple that takes little effort on my part. I want to spend my extra time on me or my kids or my husband, not my washing machine!

4). Mechanical issues. Anytime you buy a high-tech gizmo you're going to pay a lot to fix any mechanical hiccups. There is so much small-print with warranties but mostly things seem to know to break the day after the warranty expires. My front-loader hasn't had any mechanical problems, thankfully, but I am in constant fear of the snazzy computer going haywire.


The only cool thing about my washer is that it's this metallic blue. Beyond looks I just have not found it to be worth the extra money. Less is more. You do have to take special care with high tech items, which we do. And it seems to no avail. I need something that cleans and cleans well. Top-loader with agitator, I miss you!


The Mommy said...

Thankfully, we didn't buy into the hype because I have heard so much about all of the things you are complaining about. We recently had a front loader while on vacation and I hated it.

Kaye Torgerson said...

Boo, hiss for your problems. I hate that it is such a hassle for you - especially with the cloth diapers! We have had ours for 8 years and while there was a warranty-related issue right after we got it, we have had no issues since. Ours takes about 45 minutes to do a load, but then 25 minutes to dry because the dryer doesn't have as much wet to dry! And we have no issues with stains not coming out. I'm sorry you do. :(

The downside to me is that you 1.) have to clean it from time to time to keep it from smelling and 2.) it twists all of the pants legs and sheets (and anything big) and I have to untwist before drying. That's an extra step I never wanted.

I am glad you like the color though...:/

Mary said...

What brand of front loader do you have? I've heard complaints like that about LG washers, but never many of the others. First, you need a service call. No front load washer takes that long to cycle through a wash. Along with the service call - a "fine mist" something is wrong there too. My washer fills with water and while the clothes are not sitting in a vat of water they are sloshing around in there. Smells? Mildew? do you keep the door open except when washing? I have two sets of these and have never experienced anything like you've said. Call the repair man - you've got a problem :) Once it's fixed I guarantee you will love it. I talked my neice into it and she washes her cloth diapers and said it's amazing how clean they are. Good luck! By the way - mine are RED. Love them!

Vixbil said...

Front loaders are all we have over here and I miss my top loader!!!! I also miss my US fridge too but that's a whole other story xxx

Manda said...

We have a high efficiency top loader and it has similar problems. Takes a long time, weird smells, things don't seem to get as clean.
Ours has an "Add Water" function though. So when I did diapers I just made sure to add extra water.
It was a little confusing to figure out until we read the manual. Fingers crossed that maybe yours has something similar.

Susan Sene said...

That's one of the main reasons I stopped doing cloth diapers - I could NOT keep them clean. I was constantly having stink issues and it was more time and stress and money to try to keep them cleaned properly. I have a top load HE machine so IDK if those are different from the front loaders. But so far it's been fine otherwise.