Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Guess what, guess what, GUESS WHAT!

This Friday I will be 20 weeks - already to the halfway point. And we are getting our sonogram! I haven't seen this baby at all yet. And I barely feel baby. Every now and then I feel something but not from the outside and it's so sporadic still. Ugh, the first half of pregnancy just drags when waiting to really feel baby!

So in my mind it's still very abstract (unless I pull a ligament in my belly when I bend over wrong or sneeze, ouch!). My belly looks huge but I've only gained 3-lbs. Lots of "leftovers" from my previous babies, ha! I didn't/don't really have morning sickness. Every few days I felt worn down, ill and really, really tired in the first trimester. And I think most of that was because I was taking progesterone supplements (to prevent miscarriage; I don't produce enough on my own before the placenta finishes forming and supplying it).

Seriously it's a blessing. I'm not sad I didn't feel like puking all day, everyday. Nor am I bragging that I didn't. I have been there, done that. It's nice to have this last little one be a little easier on me as I am older now and have five kiddos with me all day long to school and take care of. I am starting to get pain in my back, hips and even feet, though, but hopefully that doesn't get too bad. Each pregnancy seems to get worse in that regard.

I got rid of all my baby boy clothes and only have like two Newborn-sized girl things. We are NOT finding out the sex. Part of me really, really, really wants to find out this time. With Silas it was easy to wait. It's easier to wait when you have everything you need, which I did with him. I'm not into gender neutral. But daddy really wants to wait and I know I can do it.

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