Saturday, April 11, 2015


These boys are like night and day, and I'm not just talking about their coloring: dark-haired, brown-eyed Judah and blond-red haired, blue-eyed Silas. But despite their many differences they are buddies. And Silas is really getting to this age where he has grown out of his baby-ness and is becoming a "big" little boy.

Judah had fallen asleep on the couch and Silas, freshly cleaned up after a meal and diaper-clad, climbed up and slipped his arm under his brother. Melt my momma heart! These are the moments, after the screaming and fighting, that really make you feel good that your kids are heading in the right direction.

Stroller buddies. Judah is starting to do more walking and less strolling but when they do sit together they do really well.

Splish splashing together. Judah made sure to bring two toy sharks to the bath, one for him and one for his brother. Judah wanted to make sure he was in this pic with his bro and I just love it.

Silas has been climbing into Judah's bed and pretending to go to sleep. He'll grab the blanket and scrunch his eyes shut, telling me "Nigh-nigh!" Of course I'm really not ready for him to be out of the crib just yet, even though his sisters were in big beds at his age. Honestly I don't think he's ready just yet either, but these moments make me realize he's getting ready. Anyway on this particular night, just last week, Judah climbed under the blanket with him but they couldn't keep straight faces and both started laughing!

Oh do they have moments. Toy snatching, screeching, hitting each other. It's not all rainbows and sunshine. But who on earth usually has their camera ready to capture those gems? Nah, I always catch the sunshine. That negatively perceived, typical toddler behavior is universal and temporary. These happy moments are the ones that translate into lifelong companionship and bond these boys together. And remind me that they love each other, even if they have a few spats throughout the day.

There was truly a time when I wasn't sure I'd even have boys. I thought I'd just have my girlies. PCOS has been a huge burden in my life in many ways and I wasn't sure I'd have more children. And here I am with another on the way. I'm so very grateful for each of these lives.

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