Monday, March 30, 2015

The EDD of Baby Numero 6

Well my childhood friend, Miss Chelsea, asked me a question on my last post but I couldn't reply except in the comments so I thought I'd do a post on the bun in the oven. She asked when I was due and I estimated my EDD to be September 5th, midwife put it at September 4th. So we're due around the same time, Chelsters! How freaking cool is that!

I've had babies come as late as five days post EDD and as early as six days before the EDD (both on their own, no jumpstart on the early guy, Silas). So if there aren't any complications that would make us want to start labor then this baby will come when baby comes. Could be end of August or early September. Kind of makes it exciting to be on your toes, wondering when the moment labor will start. Eek, cannot believe I'm doing this... again! Seriously still surreal.

I've felt flutters here and there. I still don't feel baby from the outside or very often but that's not uncommon at 17 weeks. I've had many pregnancies with anterior placenta so I suspect that may be the case this time as well (in other words the placenta is facing my stomach, rather than my spine, and can take the brunt of a lot of early fetal movement). AND... I'm a fluffy momma so there's more smoosh to feel baby through.

I still haven't had a sonogram yet. Since we're not finding out the sex it's not a huge rush to get there but I am really chomping at the bit to see baby. It's so abstract when you don't really feel baby much, even if my tummy is growing. Seeing baby would really bring this dream to reality in my mind.


In other news we're still chipping away at our huge list of projects to do on our house. We have a contractor coming, this week, to replace all the rotted exterior trim. From there we'll get the flashing on the chimney (we get leaks in our kitchen when it rains so flashing should prevent that), replace any missing shake shingles on the siding and PAINT! We're going to keep the trim brown since our gutters are brown but the weird pink-beige color of the house will be painted a pretty light blue that will compliment the brown trim and grey-white stones. More pics to come of that. I'll get some befores posted soon. The exterior is pretty bad. A lot of rain damage and peeling paint. It's past due for some TLC. I will probably cry when it's all done because I've waited years to see this house prettied up on the outside with a fresh coat of pretty paint. If you have any suggestions for light blues lay them on me (brand and color name)! I haven't nailed down the exact shade and love recommendations.

We have been doing a ton of work in our backyard. I did a ton of wonderful work today that I can't wait to share. Again, more posts to come on those projects because I'm super excited about them. But alas it's midnight and I need to cart my tired booty to bed. The insomnia is REAL and I don't sleep well lately, have been going to bed at 10 and even 9 but I don't feel like I sleep at all. It's so light and everything wakes me, grr!

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The Mommy said...

I was just wondering about you the other day! Sounds like you are staying busy and I can't wait to see your work.