Monday, February 2, 2015

Sugar, Sugar

When I was pregnant with my last baby, Silas, we chose to not find out his gender before birth. When I first found out I was pregnant with him, before I really started having symptoms roll in, I said, "GIRL!" As time went on I did start to feel like he was a he but I stuck to my guns and that initial gut reaction. So I really wasn't surprised when we had a boy because my pregnancy with him was much closer to that of his brother than of his sisters.

So this time I haven't decided to guess until I started feeling some symptoms. And if I do change my mind later on, as I experience more of the pregnancy, I won't be shy about saying I change my guess lol.

This last week was... whoa. Symptom City! I had been feeling so good, albeit a little more tired, for the first few weeks. But this last week the queasiness settled in. That gnawing hunger-but-nothing-satisfies also took up residence. No longer does my ritualistic morning coffee sound delicious (a habit I picked up only during my pregnancies with my boys, hmmmm....).

The smell of tomato products makes me gag but I haven't gagged as I did when pregnant with my boys (another 'hmmmm' because my gag reflex was the WORST with those boys!). The true test was that I could cut up and slice raw chicken without a single bit of nausea today. It's just those darn tomatoes that make me want to hurl.

I don't think my breasts have ever been this sore. Usually I don't notice tenderness or anything.

And my oh my, I have a sweet tooth. I really watch it but the craving is there and it's bad. And it's been awhile. Because I only had a sweet tooth with my girls (I could take one bite of a sweet when pregnant with my boys and wonder why the heck I did it because I didn't want it! Hmmmmmmmmm!) Girls are made of sugar and spice and I definitely crave it.

I may be guessing girl again, early on. But at least I have solid symptoms thus far to go by lol!


Kaye said...

Whoa! I've been away for a while, but I am just now learning of this new pregnancy! Huge congratulations!!!!

RELH said...


Real D Hop said...

please be a girl! LOL

*~Chelsea~* said...

Congrats, Joysters!!! I was just thinking of you and decided to see if there was a new post. I'm so happy for you and I'm actually pregnant, too! When is your due date? Mine is September 3! :)