Monday, September 1, 2014


Our heads are full of daydreams lately. We've been scrubbing, cleaning, simplifying, destashing, recycling, cleansing. Working to get this old house into an attractive state for potential buyers. Sometimes I just want to throw my hands up and say, "Just put it on the market as-is and let's see what happens" but it's not practical. We have to put a little money into it in order to sell it at a price that allows us to pay off our mortgage on this house yet have enough to put down on another.

This is stressful.

The Zillow app was on my phone once.
The baby accidentally deleted it.
I resisted putting it back on my phone.
I finally re-downloaded it.
I have dozens of houses hearted.

I'm trying to learn to be content. I keep telling myself that maybe this is one big test. To be faithful with little in order to be blessed with much. And "much" isn't riches. "Much" is just a different way of life. Actually a simpler but harder way of life. "Much" is more responsibility. But more on that another day.

So we continue to daydream, continue to try to love on this old house. I cannot wait to see this house with a fresh coat of paint on it. It was a nasty taffy pink when we moved in and it's still a nasty taffy pink 8 years later. I'm thinking a pretty shade of blue or green, maybe even yellow (who doesn't love a yellow Post Victorian house?!). Now if only these guys Daniel called to come out would finalize the day they'll come out (they're people we know, not some random strangers).

A new season is coming. I'm scared, anxious, excited and thrilled!