Friday, July 11, 2014

Transformed Dining Room

Summer slump has hit so now is the time to do a lot of house projects that won't easily get done once school starts or the holidays hit. I bought paint for my dining room back in April or May and I finally got around to painting the dining room! I meant to do it Mother's Day weekend but I threw my back out. Then I had oral surgery, twice. Then I got a pretty bad respiratory infection. Gah! So fun, right?!

One night I just moved all the furniture out and got to work. In ONE night I primed and painted my entire dining room. I wanted my family to wake up and be surprised!

So here is the before (it's from Christmas - it was the only one I could find quick! I think organizing my photos is next on my Organizing Frenzy). I HATE how the red blends with the woodwork. It's just all so blah!

 So it's dark and I'm using my iphone here to take pics. I started cutting in with Primer. The room is so big that by the time I come back to my starting point it is dry enough for me to do the next phase...

Primed and ready for some paint! It already looks massively bigger... and brighter!

Had to take a selfie, of course. Wasn't even tired... until I got to the last couple walls with the second coat of paint. You can see the first coat going on behind me. I don't use painter's tape. That's how freaking awesome I am. Or lazy. Whatever.

Tada! It's a light, pretty green. It's called Willow by Glidden. This was right before I turned out the lights and went to BED!

In the daytime, such a pretty and bright room now. No longer a cavernous pit of sadness.

Isn't it fabulous?! I'm so proud. I took a very long time, weeks upon weeks, to finally choose a paint color. I'm so glad the first one I chose worked out. Those little paint swatches don't always look the same once you blow it up to life-size on a wall!

I have some lovely valances being made by an Etsy artist with this fabric:

Next up? Not sure! But it's exciting planning it all out!


The Mommy said...

You ARE awesome! The room looks much bigger, brighter and happier!

*~Chelsea~* said...

I love the paint!! Looks so beautiful!

Olivia is afraid of her potty seat so we haven't really tried actively potty training yet. She's afraid of most new things we bring into the house so I'm not sure buying a new one will help. :-/