Saturday, July 26, 2014

This Year..............

The beginning of the school year is full of so much motivation, determination and spirit! By the time winter break rolls around you're definitely in need of the break. We are starry-eyed with the thought of all we will do this school year...

 We will bake and cook!

We will enjoy our new classroom setup!

We will make-believe...

We will play and learn sportsmanship!

 We will get outdoors...

And explore!

And pretend!

Make new discoveries (he's watching ants carry a peanut).

Enjoy God's beautiful creation...

Express ourselves!

Get messy and creative.


 And we will dance and care for our bodies!

Our goals are to slow down, explore, learn many new things, dive deep into literature, take new chances that might be scary at first and just have fun.

Personal goals for Elaina (age 9) would be to practice better penmanship and writing, memorizing poetry and Scripture.

Personal goals for Abigail (age 7) would be to strengthen her reading skills and helping her to build her self-confidence. She needs to do an "outside-the-home" activity. She has shown interest in clay sculpture and piano (she got a weighted keyboard for her birthday and already taught herself a song just by listening to the notes!).

Personal goals for Zoe (almost 5) would be to allow for more freedom in expressing herself artistically, allow her more opportunity to help in the kitchen since she shows passion for cooking and to be more independent in age-appropriate ways (pouring her own milk, putting her laundry away).

***As a homeschooled child himself, my husband made it very clear to our kids that they had to choose an outside-the-home activity. He didn't get to do that and wishes he had. Elaina and Zoe both already attend a professional ballet school and ministry. Abigail needs to make a choice. The boys are too young but will get to choose something when they're older.

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Shades of Kristen said...

That looks like an awesome way to start the year with those sweet kiddos! I wish working was that fun! ;-)