Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Just a Walkin'

This week has been a week of many firsts. Silas, 13-months-old, is officially a walker. He stands right up and toddles all over the house. Mostly following me around like a lost puppy, whining and crying for attention. His love language is definitely physical touch and he wants to be held constantly... or he's perfectly content to climb all over you the moment you sit on the floor near him.

He also says "buh buh" for bye-bye, signs "more" and "all done", will immediately stop what he is doing and get to the front door as fast as he can when someone says, "Is Daddy home?" He has got some serious dance moves and rhythm! He loves to shake his head no but has yet to say the actual word. He sleeps through the night *most* nights. He nurses maybe once a day and loves putting his hand down my shirt. Like he will get ticked off and keep putting it back if I remove his hand from my shirt. He now does it to other people, like his 9-year-old cousin and his aunt, when they watch him.

Oh my binky boy. He's so funny with these things. I tell ya - babies either really love them or really hate them. Elaina was a binky baby. My other three gagged on them, no matter the brand or size. Silas will speed crawl to his binky, pick it up and pop it in his mouth. At least he can keep it in his mouth on his own! Elaina could NOT. I was the mom driving with her arm stretched behind her to hold the binky in for Elaina or it would be nothing but screaming from the backseat.

If I pluck that binky from him he'll grab it right back, grin and put it back. Oy I don't look forward to weaning him from it but when the time comes... the time comes.

These photos are not edited. He's my little GINGERbread man! He may end up being my only blue-eyed baby. Zoe's blues have turned green. I hope his hair stays like this but I do notice it's getting blonder lately.

He's going to need a haircut very, very soon. I'm constantly brushing his bangs to the side.

Other newness this week: Judah wore underwear for a full day! He turns 3 in September so we're right around that potty-training time. He's had a lot of accidents. He's still trying to figure out all the sensations and trying to figure out how to hold it and then let go once he reaches the potty. I should time him sometime. I think he's sat on the toilet for about 40 minutes once. He just sits there looking at books, singing, talking to me, we'll watch Vines on my phone, etc. I've noticed that he pees when he cries.

The first time he sat on his Thomas the Tank Engine potty seat (it clicks to the regular toilet) he was sitting there for FOREVER. Momma was busy and starting to lose patience. Honest I try to be calm and sweet. But he started unrolling the TP when I turned around for a few seconds so I snapped, "Judah do NOT do that!" He started crying..... and peeing at the same time! It shocked him so bad he stopped crying and then we all did the potty dance.

Today one of his sisters made him cry so he started coming downstairs to get me and peed on the way down. So... yeah I'm noticing a trend here. Crying = peeing.

His obsession is Thomas the Train. So his potty seat is Thomas. He has a Thomas potty book that came with a Thomas potty-success chart and Thomas stickers, his underwear is Thomas... He got a big Thomas stuffed pillow/toy thing for choosing to be a big boy and going potty (carries it everywhere) and has a handmade Thomas pillowcase, handmade Thomas blanket, etc. I'm NOT a person who gets into the characters. But somehow 'the little engine that could' has weaseled it's way into our home BIG time.

I tell him that Thomas doesn't like to be peed on so he has to try to hold it and not pee on his Thomas underwear. He still makes mistakes and Thomas and Friends have needed a good cleaning but we press forward. I can see the anxiety in his eyes when he has an accident so I giggle and smile. He immediately melts into a grin and his eyes relax. I try to let him know it's OKAY and we can clean it up. Then I talk to him about how it felt when he needed to go and encourage him to try to do that in the potty next time instead. He always tells me a cheery, "Okay!" Not sure how much he's understanding but it's probably more than I realize.

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