Saturday, July 5, 2014

Homeschool 2014-15

Who knew planning school could be so time consuming? I feel like I've been at it, on and off, for weeks now! In fact I've been trying to organize many areas of my life these past weeks as well... because I have felt so chaotic. So it's actually been more than just school planning.

Time to straighten up and get my act together! I heard of Erin Condren via a friend. If you have heard the name then you know what I am about to say: planners. Not your planners of old, no way. These are almost like scrapbooks. People are going nuts with washi tape, colorful pens, stickers galore! It was RIGHT up my alley. But I guess EC is having some major customer service issues, not to mention the price was a little steep for me. So I found an alternative on Etsy called Plum Paper that is $20 cheaper. I saved up and finally got my planner purchased. I'm on pins-and-needles waiting for it to get here. I'm queen of the To Do lists. It's the *only* way I keep it all together when I'm pulled into so many different directions.

I also found these presentation folders on Amazon, in different colors, to actually make the girls some workbooks with printables that I found online. But I grabbed one for myself in order to file all the recipes that I'll need for my new, handy-dandy menu plan that I'm still putting the final touches on (ugh, seriously need to just get 'er done). I used my Dymo 4XL label maker to create a label for the folder and now I can't stop. I'm making folders for everything.

 Ta da! My "Master Book List" file with about 70 pages of lists of books, separated by subject in alphabetical order and labeled by age/grade. You can find it HERE to print. Lots of subjects and book ideas. Some books aren't ones I would ever choose, though. Just because it is on there doesn't mean you have to read it!

Then I have my recipe book. I used tabbed dividers to separate recipes into their respective places. Recipes are ones I've found online, printed and used my three-hole puncher to place in here. I created this to go along with our monthly meal schedule. Right now I'm making one menu that we will use every month. Once we are comfortable with how that goes  I'll add other menus to rotate out. You can read more about what inspired me to do that at Raising Olives. My menu does include dinner. And our shopping list will include everything we need to make wholesome foods as much as possible.

And then the blue one is our classroom schedule/curriculum that I printed off. I will be getting tabbed dividers for this as well so I can separate Elaina's stuff from Abigail's stuff as they'll be doing different schedules. You can see the inside of one page below!

The above is from Ambleside, a free online curriculum (and support network) put together BY parents FOR parents, specifically ones interested in Charlotte Mason's method of schooling. So what exactly will we be doing this next year? I think to answer that you'd have to know about Charlotte Mason's method. If interested you can go HERE. The hard part for me, the schedule, is already done and just printed off. Abigail will start with Year 1 as she is not strong in her reading yet. Elaina will start with Year 3. The years aren't based on what grade a child is in. A student finishing high school at Year 9 of Ambleside is still above the average of what other senior graduates were taught in public school, for example.

I'm still unsure of a lot of things but the foundation is laid. Now I need to nail down our math and we should be golden. I'm thinking of using Math U See because math isn't my strength either. Gee maybe that's why calendars and grids and planning are hard for me, ha!


On a side note: I'm selling some used curriculum off at Homeschool Classifieds (search user: JoyRenee to find my list and then email me if you see something you want to purchase! Or try HERE as it may lead directly to my list). Perhaps I have something you need for your own unique school!

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