Thursday, June 26, 2014


Sometimes I go out on the front porch to photograph jewelry (natural light and all that jazz - I'm usually in pajamas, too, so I'm sure the neighbors think I'm super weird taking macro shots of jewelry on a slab of stone with frizzy hair, pjs and cute kids banging on the door at me). 

 My littlest man is jabbering differently now that he's hit that first birthday! Lots of buh buh buh buh and he tries to say "uh oh". He signs "more" and "all done" (that or he's just flailing his arms excitedly... who knows!). He loves his table food. Down to nursing him in the morning and before bed, though sometimes there's a little impromptu nursing session in there during the day. He mostly eats what we eat now if it is soft enough. He's also learned how to throw fits. He does the whole back-arching, stiff-as-a-board thing when he doesn't want to be put down, screeches and he'll throw things when he's mad. PERSONALITY is coming OUT! Watch out now! 

I think he's going to need a hair cut soon!

Judah is approaching birthday number 3 in September. The potty training battle is quite drawn out and crazy right now. He's peed in the toilet ONCE. And that was like last week. He's very stubborn and just refuses. I don't want to push. *breathe* He WILL learn... After the stinkers I've had to change this past month, though, I hope it is sooner rather than later.

Judah says the funniest things. I always call him "my boy". I'll say, "Where's my boy?" and "I love you, my boy" all the livelong day. I also call him CUTE and HANDSOME (of course!). Well apparently he thinks that I am ALSO handsome and oh so cute. And apparently I'm HIS boy. "Mom, you my boy! You so handsome!" He cracks me up!

He's also learned the blame game.

"Judah, did you do this?"
"No, Zoe did!"
"No, Zoe did!"

He actually speaks really clearly and has a huge vocabulary. He never stops talking until he's asleep. I love watching him play. He is really into imaginative play now. I love watching him pretend he's a monster (or shark or dinosaur or train) while wearing high heels, pink sunglasses and a headband (it happens when you have three older sisters... deal!). He goes and goes and goes. He's the Energizer Bunny. I'll have to try to remember some more funnies that he, and his sisters, say! I used to write them out on Facebook and even here on the blog all the time but I don't FB anymore. I need to put them somewhere... I've already done the "Now which of you kids was it that did/said this?" that moms do when they have so many kids that they start mixing up details.

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