Thursday, June 12, 2014

9 and 1

Someone turned 1! And just days before big sister turned 9! My oldest and youngest are birth month buddies with four days separating their special days.

 My oldest and youngest were also my ONLY binky babies. Elaina's first birthday pics had binkies in them as well. So stinkin' cute!
 So Elaina's birthday is up first, on June 4th. Just a few days before the celebration I had an itch to run to the dollar store so I gathered up three of her siblings and left Elaina and baby in Daddy's care. I told them to each pick out two gifts for Elaina. Elaina's favorite dollar store gift was this eye mask we found because she loves her room PITCH BLACK but her little sisters, who share the same room, do NOT. And of course mommy isn't going to let little ones be scared so Elaina has had to compromise. She was so so so stoked for the eye mask and she really does wear it every night now. The other dollar gifts were: a sheet of really cool holographic stickers, modeling clay, colored pencils, pencil grips and some baton/wand thing.

We got her that Mylar balloon and the HUGE butterfly banner (behind her over the fireplace) and the dangling butterfly decor from Dollar Tree as well. I just wanted to make it special. I had been in pain and hadn't really planned a party for anyone; it was just our little (errrr big) family. But I wanted to decorate and put effort into it, other than picking up pizza and dishing up ice cream like it was any other night.

On Elaina's actual birthday her Poppy (grandpa) picked her up and dropped him off at his house for housework with Nonna before he went to work (she WANTED to go; I asked and she was beyond excited! I hope she never gets to a point where Nonna's house isn't "cool" anymore). I, however, woke up and went to the dental college to have my wisdom tooth pulled. When I was done I hit up Aldi and found this CUTE pink table cloth and some serving ware. I found lots of veggies and hummus for a veggie platter (which Judah ate most of before Elaina got home). I'm sure there was blood on my chin and I still had gauze in my mouth as the cashier rung my items up but I didn't care. I was so excited to get the house ready for my Boo girl! Being gone at Nonna's for a few more hours after my surgery was perfect because I was able to clean up and Daddy blew up balloons and we just had fun in preparation for celebrating her life!

The moment I have been WAITING for! This girl already has two American Girl dolls (because people go in on them together; wow are they ridiculously expensive) but when Isabelle came out and was only going to be available in 2014... and she sews and does ballet... it was all my precious girl could ask for and how could I refuse my baby girl? I know, I know... I spoil her! I never had an AG doll but I'd look longingly through those magazines. It'll be her last one for awhile, unless she saves up for one herself.

Okay so Elaina opens this gift. Baby Silas is asleep on Daddy's chest, right in the next room behind me. SHE SCREAMS SO LOUD that Judah starts bawling and Silas startles awake and starts screaming too. She had no idea. She was SO grateful for her dollar store gifts and just the picture-perfect recipient for gifts. I know she would have been disappointed to not get Isabelle but she'd have shown gratitude for what she DID get. That is why I can't help but bless this child. Gift her a garbage bag and she'll hold up a finger and say, "I know JUST what I can do with this!" and then she'll go off and create something amazing. She's also fun to give good gifts to because of her reactions... like screaming so loud she made both brothers cry! :-/

No cake for Elaina! She wanted Cookies and Cream ice cream. I got the ice cream from Aldi and it was actually really good.We blended the rest the next day with a little milk and had the most perfect shakes as a treat... you know because I had a tooth pulled and the cold felt good. Abigail picked out the wacky, bendy candles

Four days later I take out the cupcakes I had made, we sing happy birthday to the most jovial little red-headed baby boy and he kind of just stares at it... but he finally realizes that it is edible AND delicious! The difference between your first baby's first birthday and your fifth baby's first birthday? You KEEP IT SIMPLE with the fifth! We had a big party for Elaina's first birthday. For Silas it was, again, just us at home. And I liked it. He liked it, too, lol!

He's a messy drinker. He drinks almond milk out of sippy cups but is still learning how to drink without spitting everywhere so his shirt is a little wet. I usually put a bib on but I don't always think of it until we're in the middle of a huge mess.

 I don't know what this face is but it is cracking me up! Caption that!

 I think he actually liked the cake part more than the frosting. My sweet, sweet baby boy. Oh how mommy loves those baby blues and strawberry blonds.

Could this kid be any cuter? He KNEW how to open gifts. Just plops down in front of it and pulls out each tissue paper and then goes in for the gift. It cracked me up because the four siblings before him didn't really "get" the gift thing. He seemed to know exactly what was going on and needed zero help or guidance. And yes that is a Christmas bag; my mom-in-law recycles gift bags and she must have run out of birthday ones, lol! We don't care! He didn't mind either!

So a huge happy birthday to my oldest and to my youngest. I am so grateful to be your mommy.


The Mommy said...

I can't believe that they are 9 and 1! Makes me realize that I've "known" you for a looong time.

Kaye said...

Happy (belated) birthday to both of those beautiful babies!