Tuesday, May 6, 2014

All Five

Late to the party, as usual! Easter was probably the first time, in a long time, that I got pictures with all five kids together.

I actually had nothing planned that weekend. Holidays always seem to sneak up on me these days. My mind is constantly pulled in several directions so sometimes I have to think on my toes. So the Saturday before Easter I opened the fridge. We had one dozen uncooked, brown eggs. Woo hoo! I looked up a recipe on how to make our own egg dye.

Just vinegar and food coloring I think. I love how muted and old-fashioned the eggs turned out. They probably would have been brighter had they been white but I prefer the brown. And eating them? They were the fluffiest, most delicious hard-boiled eggs I've ever made.

 Can't forget to get a pic of the littlest guy! He is a messy boy, with graham crackers all over his face.

Looky there! ALL five and almost all are looking. The sun was in their eyes so I think that's why Judah's eyes are closed.

The next day, Easter Sunday, Daddy and Judah stayed home sick. Can't tell here that he was sick but Judah had the nastiest, phlegmatic cough. So I took the girls to church. Elaina and her cousin did a ballet performance so her Nonna did her hair so pretty. I am not gifted in the hair department! Zoe's pigtails here are about as good as I get, ha! And then the dress Elaina is in is one SHE sewed. She specifically requested a "prairie" dress and she likes to play pretend in it that she lives back in the days of Laura Ingalls. It reminds me of a dress a little Amish girl might wear, except for the fabric print!

Judah adores his big sister! Two little peas in a pod...

Can you believe she will be 9 next month?! She was just a baby yesterday!

These two fight and makeup like cats. Arguing one moment and then curled up together, purring another. Okay not literally. That was a metaphor!

If you put a baby in grass, especially when it's super bright out, expect that he will NOT look up at you or the camera. Too much wonderful, cool grass to pull up!

I pulled Judah onto my lap for a selfie. His face says it all! BUT..........

He couldn't resist my charms and finally laughed!

Silas loved being pushed around the yard in this! I'm surprised he did but I got this long video of Judah pushing him around the yard and he's just kicking and waving his arms in delight, protesting any time Judah stopped pushing!

Another little brother to adore his oldest sister. She helps me out SO much with him. She really is like his little momma or momma's helper! The other girls help, too, but they're not quite strong enough to hold him long nor attentive enough right now.

Last one - Zoe and me. She is at my favorite age - 4! Four is when they've finally overcome that 2-3 year old angst and get engaged in super playful and imaginative play, where they start to say the darndest things and yet can show you such ferocious love still with random hugs and kisses. They still have tantrums and have trouble expressing feelings but they understand so much more and it's easier to work through those rough patches than with a 2-year-old who can't articulate anything once they've hit "that wall". And while they can be stubborn and strong-willed most don't outright or purposefully rebel. I mean maybe a few rare kids do but for the most part they're still so innocent and sweet. I asked her to stay this little forever. She sighed a long-suffering sigh and said, "Mom, I can't! I'm growing up!"

So we're all keepin' on. I hear the pitter patter of kids waking up (Silas woke me up at 4:30-ish this morning and I decided finishing orders before kids got up would be wise... we shall see if I don't crash at 3! COFFEE TIME!!!).

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