Saturday, April 19, 2014

My Boys

Goodness gracious the boys are getting so big! 

 They are like night and day...

The girls... *sigh* Trying to photograph them is a trial. Have to catch them in the right mood and it's usually one or none! Hair has to be just right (Elaina!) or someone is being temperamental (Abbie!) or someone is just a preschooler exerting her will (Zoe!).

So Judah turned 2 in September. We've talked lots and lots about going potty and "being a big boy" but he'll have none of it. He knows how to back talk and push the right (errr wrong) buttons. The tantrums are pretty impressive and not in a good way. Growing up is hard work for these little people!

But then he'll give me that grin (like you see above) and wrap his chubby arms around me, his plump toddler fingers (caked in dirt) intertwine gently in my hair and he snuggles his face into my neck. And doesn't want me to let go for anything.

Those moments don't usually get to last very long because Silas is a little vacuum that speed-crawls everywhere, putting every little thing that we failed to see and pick up... into his little mouth. I'm forever chasing these boys out of trouble. We can never make huge generalizations but I will say boys are different from girls. They just are! And while Judah may don headbands and sparkly shoes and try to put on dresses and nail polish (because that is what he sees daily from us girlies) he does it with his best imitation of a dinosaur or while wielding a fake gun (complete with noises).

The boys are really starting to interact now in a new way. Silas is becoming a toddler who will soon be chasing Judah around on foot. They notice each other differently. Silas isn't just the nursling attached to mommy 24/7. He's more independent, he eats table food, he is mobile. He lights up and wiggles like crazy when his sisters come near because to him they're his "other mommies" who hold him and coo and feed him his Cheerios. But his brother... is his brother. :-)

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The Mommy said...

Such handsome little guys!