Monday, April 21, 2014

The Day the Baby Fell Down the Stairs

A few weeks ago I was sitting in my studio which is on our second story. The hallway outside is square shape so I can easily see my bedroom door and the bathroom door when sitting in my studio. As I got to work on some jewelry orders I left the door open so the baby and his siblings could play in my view and safely.

That is until one of my children, who knows how to open the gate at the top of the stairs, decided she was going to run downstairs to the first floor bathroom... and she didn't close the gate behind her.

Right from my studio I saw the baby make a beeline for the stairs where his sissy went. For a second I thought nothing of it. And then my body reacted before my mind caught up. I jumped up, throwing everything I was holding and took a few steps out my studio right to the top of the stairs as I heard the thud.

My. Baby. Fell. Down. The. Stairs!
Right in front of me!

I did everything you're not supposed to do. I screamed! I raced down to him and grabbed him. He screamed. I yelled. I checked him over expecting blood, a broken neck... something!

To my surprise he was absolutely fine. He got the tiniest little bump on his forehead that you could barely see. But my mind is seared with the image of him lying face down on the stair landing (we do not have carpeted stairs and the wooden steps are not rounded at the edge either, ouch!).

I think my body shook for a solid hour from adrenaline, my heart wouldn't stop pounding. My daughter got the sternest talking to of her life, though she felt so guilty I doubt she'd needed it.

And of course I did what every mother does when something happens and you realize it's not an immediate emergency. I know what danger signs to look for from bumps on the head (blacking out, vomiting, lethargy, etc.) so I knew he wasn't in danger. But I still needed to know what I should do just in case. And while Dr. Google is the worst doctor out there sometimes you really do find valuable information. Such as: when babies fall down the stairs they actually mostly roll so it is rare for them to break a bone or have a severe injury. Of course always watch for danger signs but more often than not a tumble down the stairs does more pain to the parents than to the child. And you'd be surprised just how many parents out there have been in this position and the tremendous guilt one feels when it happens.

So that is the story of the day Silas fell down the stairs. I just kept thanking God (and still thanking Him) that my baby is alright! Please speak to older children and tell them this story so that they also remember to close any baby gates they open. I tell my kids, "If you open it then you need to close it!" so that they get in the habit of just doing it without thinking about it. I tell them it doesn't matter if I'm holding him or he's in the crib or anything. *ALWAYS* close the gate!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

My Boys

Goodness gracious the boys are getting so big! 

 They are like night and day...

The girls... *sigh* Trying to photograph them is a trial. Have to catch them in the right mood and it's usually one or none! Hair has to be just right (Elaina!) or someone is being temperamental (Abbie!) or someone is just a preschooler exerting her will (Zoe!).

So Judah turned 2 in September. We've talked lots and lots about going potty and "being a big boy" but he'll have none of it. He knows how to back talk and push the right (errr wrong) buttons. The tantrums are pretty impressive and not in a good way. Growing up is hard work for these little people!

But then he'll give me that grin (like you see above) and wrap his chubby arms around me, his plump toddler fingers (caked in dirt) intertwine gently in my hair and he snuggles his face into my neck. And doesn't want me to let go for anything.

Those moments don't usually get to last very long because Silas is a little vacuum that speed-crawls everywhere, putting every little thing that we failed to see and pick up... into his little mouth. I'm forever chasing these boys out of trouble. We can never make huge generalizations but I will say boys are different from girls. They just are! And while Judah may don headbands and sparkly shoes and try to put on dresses and nail polish (because that is what he sees daily from us girlies) he does it with his best imitation of a dinosaur or while wielding a fake gun (complete with noises).

The boys are really starting to interact now in a new way. Silas is becoming a toddler who will soon be chasing Judah around on foot. They notice each other differently. Silas isn't just the nursling attached to mommy 24/7. He's more independent, he eats table food, he is mobile. He lights up and wiggles like crazy when his sisters come near because to him they're his "other mommies" who hold him and coo and feed him his Cheerios. But his brother... is his brother. :-)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Purging and Little Man Update

The moment spring hits I always get that need to purge. To minimize. I think the cabin fever of wintertime definitely contributes to the need. But it's worse this year because, as I mentioned in a previous post, we are gearing up the house to put on the market. We aren't even to the stage of getting an appraisal (I want to do all the exterior work first) and I'm already packing boxes of decor that I know I want to keep. The kids each have a box of their little knick knacks that they treasure already packed up, too.

Jumping the gun? Probably. But I just can't seem to help it. I have to keep moving and actively DO something. And right now there isn't anything we can do except clean and purge and pack what we don't need in the moment (which helps with renovation and painting coming up anyway so there's less to move out of the way). Waiting on our return and then we'll get quotes. I cannot WAIT to see this big old PINK and BROWN house painted a pretty neutral green with cream accents. And for my gutters to not be falling off.

Silas grows ever bigger by the moment. He'll be 10 months on the 8th and he's waving hello, his seventh tooth broke through sometime this week and he's just such a happy, happy, happy baby. He's always laughing and giggling. When I shake the box of Cheerios his hold body goes rigid and he grunts and kicks his legs, arms flailing. He loves food. This week we tried soft roast beef and canned peaches. We skipped the baby food and went to soft table foods.

Every time I gave him a tiny bit of beef on his tongue he'd use his fist to shove it over to his gum where his molars will be coming through, so he could "chew" it. It cracked me up that he really got how to eat, probably from watching us. I couldn't give him more beef pieces fast enough. He absolutely loved it.

He also scavenges. During and after mealtimes he'll crawl under the table looking for crumbs his siblings may have dropped. It's gross and we definitely don't want him to do that but I just think it's so funny he can deduce that already! He is literally crawling and looking for crumbs!

Still no words. But his babbling has changed to include "na na na na na" and "muh muh mmmmmmmuh" and "buh buh buh buh" instead of just the "da da da" he was doing. I am going to start doing some baby sign language with him as I did all his siblings. We really love sign language but we usually just stick to a few basics.