Saturday, February 1, 2014

We FINALLY have a downstairs bathroom!

 Long, long ago I mentioned our downstairs, pink bathroom was gutted. And I do mean gutted...

We hired our brother-in-law (BIL) to renovate the bathroom. I got to do the fun parts like choose the color scheme, sink, etc. My BIL got to do the dirty, hard work.

The above is the electrical he put in. Progress being made...

Oh hello, Neighbor! We had to replace an outside wall. Seriously my BIL rocks!

I have more photos of the progress but can't find them. It's also late and I don't have a photo of the 100% finished room but the above is the best one already on the computer. We found the sink base at Habitat for Humanity REStore and it's solid wood. I think we paid $75? I LOVE it! It's unique! We used a high pressure sprayer to clean the existing toilet and used composition tiles for the flooring. The color palette I chose was soft blue, black and white for a clean, crisp look. What you don't see: we put a frame around the window and the drawer back in the sink base.

We also made our own light fixture. I've seen the mason jar lights out there, loved them and thought it'd be perfect over the changing table in the bathroom. It IS perfect and I love it. I made it myself and it took less than five minutes. I think it ended up costing us around $10, maybe even a little less, to make the light (minus the Edison bulb that is in it).

It's so great to finally have a downstairs bathroom! I think my BIL did a great job and I love all the little elements Daniel and I put together to make it a very nice, cozy, pretty bathroom!

I have more house updates from this past summer/fall to share and have more planned for this upcoming year as we try to prepare it so we can sell the house and move. Eek!

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