Thursday, February 13, 2014

Three Quarters of a Year

I can't believe my baby is four months from his first birthday! At 8 months old Silas is sitting up on his own, though he doesn't quite know how to get out of the position. He does "the worm" crawl. He lets me put him down a ton lately, probably because he likes to test out his mobility and get into stuff, but he still sleeps with me. We're working on getting him in the crib and by "we" I totally mean "I" because the little dude is a momma's boy. We've reached the stage where it's just not comfortable for anyone in our queen bed anymore. If we had a king it would be a different story... remind me again why we didn't buy a king?! Ugh!

My little Gingersnap screeches and is almost always ready with a belly laugh... He's my marathon nurser, often done in a matter of a few minutes. He has two bottom teeth he likes to bite me with, though, ahhh! He thinks it is hysterical of course. I discovered just a few days ago that one of his top centers AND a canine tooth broke through with the other center and canine following close behind. That may explain the fussies we've had lately and all the fist chomping he's been doing.

Silas may not look too sure about Judah holding him here but what he is sure of is the love his siblings and parents have for him! He literally shakes and wiggles with excitement when his siblings greet him!

I have no idea what he weighs but at 8-months he wears 9-12M clothes and has lots of chunky rolls. No words yet but he does a lot of the baby babbling if his binky isn't in his mouth (which is a lot because he is a binky baby!).

No baby food or table foods but he's very interested. Judah dropped a piece of homemade bread with jam on the floor, Silas crawled under the table and I discovered him happily sucking on it when I crawled after him. Boy was he ticked when I took that away! The kids already eat everything in sight so I can only imagine the groceries when this guy starts chowing down on solids.

In other baby news a brand new niece was born two days ago. I came down with Shingles rash on my back and it's almost gone but I haven't visited just to be safe. She's an absolute baby doll from her pictures! I haven't gotten to hear her birth story yet but my sister-in-law pushed for a gentle cesarean and I'm eager to hear how it turned out for them since her past ones weren't so gentle. Please pray for recovery and strength as she's got a very energetic toddler son to chase after when she gets home with the new baby. I think our mom-in-law will be over to help but there are still moments when it will just be her and the kids.

Not long after the Shingles rash started another niece of mine was hospitalized and almost died. She's 7 and without going into great detail they discovered a rare blood disorder where her blood attacks itself when it gets too cold, she had several blood transfusions over the course of a couple of days but is home now. That was terrifying. I've never seen my brother so scared before. Honestly her being alive right now is a true MIRACLE as she was at death's door and her parents were told to prepare themselves... But she is alive and well and the doctors could not understand how her hemoglobin was so low and yet she still lived. Thank you, Jesus!!! If you all wouldn't mind praying that they can find out the reason behind this sudden onset that would be fantastic. With this particular disorder it helps to know the cause, not just the diagnosis, to prevent a future attack.

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Susan Sene said...

How scary! So glad your niece is ok!! And yay for a new little life too! Hope she got to have the birth experience she wanted!! Are Silas' cheeks always so rosy??? Cannot believe how quickly time goes and he will be a year old soon!