Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We like, we like to potty! We like, we like to potty!

Every time a child is getting ready to potty-train I get that tune stuck in my head but change "party" to "potty". I even sing it. Out loud, to the older girls' embarrassment and giggles!

Judah turned 2 in September. But there's something about this guy. He's just smart. Like figuring out puzzles and shapes and how things go together after examining the toy for a minute. And he's started to get really interested in his potty chair. At first he was wearing it like a hat. Duh! Who doesn't wear the little potty chair bowl on their head when they first lay their sparkly, curious eyes on it???

And then it started to click. Mom sits on the potty. Dad sits on the potty. Big sisters sit on the potty.

We got him the cutest little briefs and boxer briefs this week. Day one of wearing them? He has diarrhea. Yup, that's how things usually go in this house! I haven't been brave enough to give it another try. Baby steps. I'm in no rush He just turned 2. His sisters have all been various ages when they started and guess what - THEY ALL eventually figure it out! Though diapering one less child would be a major blessing.

And speaking of diapering one less child. One of my daughters struggled with bedwetting for a long time. It started when she started school, after she had been potty-trained successfully for a couple years. It stopped about a year after we pulled her from school. There were a lot of things we had to undo, emotionally and mentally, from her time at school. I am not dissing public education, it just was not for her as an individual. We recognized that and we pulled her. She's starting to be her own person again and her anxiety is greatly lessened. And she was not even bullied, she happened to be well loved by teachers and classmates.

So now just the two boys are diapered. I cloth diaper Silas but Judah has gone back to disposables. When babies start solids something changes and Judah just would not stop breaking out. I tried everything I could do and we finally just started putting him in paper diapers. The problems went away. The painful rashes weren't worth "for the sake of cloth diapering" and I have zero guilt about it. He's happy, we're happy. Soon he will be pottying and for the first time in a long time I will only have *one* child in diapers. Wow!

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Karen Davis said...

Love your happy little wholesome family :)