Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Oh hello!

Recognize this guy?!

Silas is 7-months and starting to get up on his hands and knees. He's going to be crawling before I know it. So far he just scoots (mostly backwards). He's had those two bottom teeth for quite some time.

He is an absolute lovebug.

Overall he's super happy and loves attention, which he gets *plenty* of with three doting older sisters and a playful older brother. Elaina is 8 now and she helps me a ton. I don't know how I'd even go to the the bathroom or get dinner made without her help. 

Silas and Zoe are my only blue-eyed babies (though hers are turning green now). The other kiddos have lovely, chocolately brown eyes. And yes, he is a redhead!

So I've deleted Facebook this weekend. For many reasons but mostly so I can spend more quality time with this cutie and my other cuties. Being inundated by constant negativity was another reason. And finally I didn't like that my privacy wasn't truly private since everyone could see all my activity. I wasn't doing anything "bad" but having people pick fights with me or "unfriend" me because they see something I like or comment on was really bothersome to me. Facebook isn't my soapbox. I don't think I will miss it but WOW it was actually kind of hard to delete it (I put in a request to actually have my account permanently deleted so no going back unless I create a new one). That's when you know something is a stronghold or addiction.

So hello again! I hope I'm here to stay for a much longer season on my poor blog. This is much more personable and so much more ME than Facebook was. Glad to be back!

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The Mommy said...

I think Silas looks a lot like Abigail! So hard to believe that he is 7 months old and crawling!!