Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So Not Ready...

The stores were filled with the smell of fresh pencils and stiff backpacks long ago but I still kept burying "school" in the back of my mind. Since we homeschool we have a lot of freedom on when we school so I set "the day after Labor Day" as our first day of school and kind of forgot about it.

I mean I forgot but I didn't. So now I'm busy planning out the year while getting the girls started in their science and language arts. Our state requires us to log hours (ugh, not my strength) so planning is important so we hit all the required hours. I know we hit them but I have to actually log it all.

This year we're using a lot of A Beka curriculum as well as some Scholastic workbooks. I signed Abigail up for and she loves that site. We have a pass to the zoo and I joined a few FB groups who post local field trips and specials.

This week I also went to a local performing arts center and signed up two of the girls for ballet and one for martial arts. They're very excited about that!

I have to admit that schooling with an infant is hard. Throw a toddler in there and it's like a circus everyday, ha ha! I love that we can have flexibility to adjust our day if school "just ain't happenin' right now"!

Goodbye summer 2013. We'll never see you again. In the wise words of my 8-year-old, "Mom, every year seems to go faster and faster!"

Yes, yes it does.

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