Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Homeschool, Vacation, Ballet oh my!

You know how there are periods in life where it seems like time is just dragging and you're just a big old poo pile of boring? Yes, that was me. But with the start of the school year my days have gotten so much busier and shorter.

Let's rewind back to August. We took our first "real" family vacation. We have visited family before and we went camping once and done a few staycations... but this was a bonafide VACATION. We drove somewhere, out of our city limits, stayed in a condo and ate at restaurants more times in a week than we do in a month and visited a theme park! We went to Branson! I really didn't take a whole lot of pictures. My arms are always full of baby and diapers and everything that no one else wants to carry but we think we need to have with us. But here's a couple pics:

 Sleepyhead fell asleep soon into our 4-hour drive.

 Went to an old ice cream parlor. Getting these four to cooperate for a pic?
Mom 0, Kids 1.

Naptime at the condo. King size bed is now on my list of upgrades for our own house. Loved that big bed because we had kids in it AND I wasn't on the edge. We have a queen right now and it feels like a sardine can.

Silver Dollar City! It was a scorcher. But we had a lot of fun! We're going back before the year is out.

Our condo was awesome. Two bedroom, two full baths (one with a jacuzzi), full kitchen and dining, family room.

After vacation was over Daniel went on a camping trip over Labor Day weekend and brought back a nasty cold/virus. Silas even got it. Today was the first day he has felt good though he's still stuffy at times.

After Labor Day we started homeschool. The girls are still in the math books from last year because I don't think they're ready to move to the next level. They drag their feet in this subject. I'm considering trying Math U See because my patience with math is at an all time low.

Other than that they're really enjoying all their grammar and phonics and reading comprehension work. I got Elaina a couple of fun workbooks on Amazon: Word Ladders and another one called Grammar Minutes. My favorite is their science. We are doing A Beka's 3rd grade science text.

This week was also the first week of performing arts school. Elaina and Zoe are taking ballet and Abigail is taking martial arts (well she's supposed to anyway - she was too scared to go into class!).

To nervous to go into martial arts class. Next week big sister can come with her to help ease her into it and get her acquainted with the teacher and classmates.

Daddy posted this one on FB so I snatched the pic with my phone to upload. She had to borrow a leotard from the school as they don't sell her required size/color (?!) and I didn't know that. They're strict about dress and everything so oops!

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Susan Sene said...

So glad you had a good time on vacation!! I smiled when I read your king sized bed comment. :) We had a full for the first year we were married. Now we have a king. When we use a full at family's houses I wonder how we did it. Haha! Esp w cosleeping I can't inagine not having a king. :)

Wish I could get my girls involved in dance too. It's SO expensive here!! Hope your girls have a great time!!