Sunday, September 15, 2013


What is up with kids and hoarding? Every little scrap of trash, every little excess piece of ribbon from a package, boxes and bags galore... are treasures to my Abigail. Oh and she collects rocks. Lots and lots of rocks. And apparently gravel and pieces of concrete (which I found in her room today, lovely!).

I've been meaning to help the big girls tackle their loft-style room for weeks now but it's been hard with the baby. Finally I said today would be the day and we went upstairs with two ginormous black trash bags (35 gallon I believe? Larger than typical 30 gal, I know that much). Because they are on the third floor I don't go up there often enough. We do the whole bedtime routine on the 2nd floor in the littler kids' bedroom. I better go up there more often after spending a few hours cleaning it today...

Filled both bags. One was trash, the other thrift. I found oodles of things from my studio that they were not supposed to have as well. Abigail's clean clothes were still in the middle of the space, not put away. They had lugged a box of Duplos and Legos upstairs (big no-no!) so those were everywhere. It was just insane.

I also rearranged. Her bed was centered with a huge cedar chest at the end of the bed (so huge it extended out further than the bed on both sides). I got the genius idea to move her dresser out of this little nook and put the cedar chest there. I pushed her bed to the wall so it wasn't centered and leaving only a little room on either side. The room looks so much bigger with her bed moved to the side.

I didn't get a before because my phone had been charging but here is Abbie's side of the room after (oh and that's her new bed because she jumped on her wood one and busted it!):

Abbie is so pleased with her renewed space that I'm hoping this means she'll stop sneaking trash upstairs. One can hope, can't they?!

Do your kids hoard? Do they collect something?
How often do you do a deep cleaning of their room (or have them do it)?


The Mommy said...

Maggie is my hoarder! EVERY piece of paper, feather, rock, receipt "can be used for something". It drives me nuts!

aman kesherwani said...
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Photogrl said...

Oh, yes! Miss O. is known to keep every little thing. Every couple of months, we do the garbage bag clean up, too.

I'm trying to catch up with all my "bloggy" friends & be a better friend, myself.

Just had to share my update with you...hope you check it out!