Sunday, September 15, 2013


What is up with kids and hoarding? Every little scrap of trash, every little excess piece of ribbon from a package, boxes and bags galore... are treasures to my Abigail. Oh and she collects rocks. Lots and lots of rocks. And apparently gravel and pieces of concrete (which I found in her room today, lovely!).

I've been meaning to help the big girls tackle their loft-style room for weeks now but it's been hard with the baby. Finally I said today would be the day and we went upstairs with two ginormous black trash bags (35 gallon I believe? Larger than typical 30 gal, I know that much). Because they are on the third floor I don't go up there often enough. We do the whole bedtime routine on the 2nd floor in the littler kids' bedroom. I better go up there more often after spending a few hours cleaning it today...

Filled both bags. One was trash, the other thrift. I found oodles of things from my studio that they were not supposed to have as well. Abigail's clean clothes were still in the middle of the space, not put away. They had lugged a box of Duplos and Legos upstairs (big no-no!) so those were everywhere. It was just insane.

I also rearranged. Her bed was centered with a huge cedar chest at the end of the bed (so huge it extended out further than the bed on both sides). I got the genius idea to move her dresser out of this little nook and put the cedar chest there. I pushed her bed to the wall so it wasn't centered and leaving only a little room on either side. The room looks so much bigger with her bed moved to the side.

I didn't get a before because my phone had been charging but here is Abbie's side of the room after (oh and that's her new bed because she jumped on her wood one and busted it!):

Abbie is so pleased with her renewed space that I'm hoping this means she'll stop sneaking trash upstairs. One can hope, can't they?!

Do your kids hoard? Do they collect something?
How often do you do a deep cleaning of their room (or have them do it)?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Homeschool, Vacation, Ballet oh my!

You know how there are periods in life where it seems like time is just dragging and you're just a big old poo pile of boring? Yes, that was me. But with the start of the school year my days have gotten so much busier and shorter.

Let's rewind back to August. We took our first "real" family vacation. We have visited family before and we went camping once and done a few staycations... but this was a bonafide VACATION. We drove somewhere, out of our city limits, stayed in a condo and ate at restaurants more times in a week than we do in a month and visited a theme park! We went to Branson! I really didn't take a whole lot of pictures. My arms are always full of baby and diapers and everything that no one else wants to carry but we think we need to have with us. But here's a couple pics:

 Sleepyhead fell asleep soon into our 4-hour drive.

 Went to an old ice cream parlor. Getting these four to cooperate for a pic?
Mom 0, Kids 1.

Naptime at the condo. King size bed is now on my list of upgrades for our own house. Loved that big bed because we had kids in it AND I wasn't on the edge. We have a queen right now and it feels like a sardine can.

Silver Dollar City! It was a scorcher. But we had a lot of fun! We're going back before the year is out.

Our condo was awesome. Two bedroom, two full baths (one with a jacuzzi), full kitchen and dining, family room.

After vacation was over Daniel went on a camping trip over Labor Day weekend and brought back a nasty cold/virus. Silas even got it. Today was the first day he has felt good though he's still stuffy at times.

After Labor Day we started homeschool. The girls are still in the math books from last year because I don't think they're ready to move to the next level. They drag their feet in this subject. I'm considering trying Math U See because my patience with math is at an all time low.

Other than that they're really enjoying all their grammar and phonics and reading comprehension work. I got Elaina a couple of fun workbooks on Amazon: Word Ladders and another one called Grammar Minutes. My favorite is their science. We are doing A Beka's 3rd grade science text.

This week was also the first week of performing arts school. Elaina and Zoe are taking ballet and Abigail is taking martial arts (well she's supposed to anyway - she was too scared to go into class!).

To nervous to go into martial arts class. Next week big sister can come with her to help ease her into it and get her acquainted with the teacher and classmates.

Daddy posted this one on FB so I snatched the pic with my phone to upload. She had to borrow a leotard from the school as they don't sell her required size/color (?!) and I didn't know that. They're strict about dress and everything so oops!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

All Done

The time has come to close the baby-cooker. Silas is our last bio baby. We are so blessed to have five babies from my womb and we also have two little angels awaiting us in Heaven. Daniel and I said we wanted seven kids before we had even said "I Do". Well we have our seven babies, even if two of them are not with us.

This is very bittersweet to me. On the one hand I'm very excited to close this baby-bearing period of my life and looking forward to raising my kids. On the other hand it is sad and I'm having a hard time articulating why. It's just a little sad to make such a huge change and close that part of our life. I know that feeling will fade.

I think my body is done. Each new pregnancy is more painful than the last. I have to take Progesterone to sustain pregnancy or I miscarry... so on top of the pain I have symptoms from the supplements and the stress of wondering if my unborn baby will thrive. Emotionally and physically I'm done.

And it's not to say we won't ever adopt either. Adoption is huge on my heart. I'm excited to see where God leads us as our family moves on and grows. I am asked so much if we think we'll have more so that's my answer - if God leads us to adopt we will. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So Not Ready...

The stores were filled with the smell of fresh pencils and stiff backpacks long ago but I still kept burying "school" in the back of my mind. Since we homeschool we have a lot of freedom on when we school so I set "the day after Labor Day" as our first day of school and kind of forgot about it.

I mean I forgot but I didn't. So now I'm busy planning out the year while getting the girls started in their science and language arts. Our state requires us to log hours (ugh, not my strength) so planning is important so we hit all the required hours. I know we hit them but I have to actually log it all.

This year we're using a lot of A Beka curriculum as well as some Scholastic workbooks. I signed Abigail up for and she loves that site. We have a pass to the zoo and I joined a few FB groups who post local field trips and specials.

This week I also went to a local performing arts center and signed up two of the girls for ballet and one for martial arts. They're very excited about that!

I have to admit that schooling with an infant is hard. Throw a toddler in there and it's like a circus everyday, ha ha! I love that we can have flexibility to adjust our day if school "just ain't happenin' right now"!

Goodbye summer 2013. We'll never see you again. In the wise words of my 8-year-old, "Mom, every year seems to go faster and faster!"

Yes, yes it does.