Monday, July 1, 2013

Some Firsts!

Zoe turned 3 last October and she just now got her first haircut! Judah was also in dire need. His hair constantly in his eyes and the back of his hair a constant tangled, frizzy mess. So I broke out the scissors and got to snipping...



 JUDAH, the process:
Mmm, a popsicle! Mommy rarely hands out desserts so he was stoked. And he also sat still for me. I expected him to get scared or throw a fit or freak out on me as I had not prepared him at all. He had no idea what a haircut was! But he did phenomenally well! Yay, Judah!

Mommy has no idea what she's doing...

Not TOO shabby! Pretty good for a first-timer cutting boy hair. I ended up cutting a little more of that top, right bit after this pic was taken.



Zoe loves her haircut! This picture doesn't do it justice. It's just a cute, simple cut because I have no idea how to cut hair.

Abigail (pictured here) is going to need to go in to a stylist and have her hair done because she needs layers and I don't know how to do that. Her bangs were trimmed by me tonight and actually more straight now as I fixed it after the picture.

Elaina was begging for me to take her to get her hair cut at a salon RIGHT after Silas was born. I had to keep turning her down. But her Nonna saved the day and took her (and her cousin) out for a girl day. They got their hair cut and Chick-Fil-A for lunch!


This week Silas also had his first bath! He loved it. No tears, not even when he had to get out and get dressed. Though we can see Judah is a little upset in one photo because he was perched on the counter near his brother and was upset he had to get down for a picture! Awww!


Kristin said...

I just found you on Instagram through the Pifer's blog. Mine's Hopeunfolding if you want to follow. I've always cut my girls' hair too. I found a YouTube video on how to do layers. Ha! Not too hard, especially if their hair is a little longer and more forgiving if you mess up. Lol! Now my little guy, luckily he still has super short hair!

Susan Sene said...

I'm so impressed you cut their hair! I haven't cut Rilynn's hair and she's almost four. You did such a great job!!! My neighbor works at a hair salon so I may just get her to do it. But since boys need more haircuts if we end up having a boy, I'll probably need to learn!