Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Where I annoy you all with photos galore...

Silas was born 17 days ago. Time is rushing by all too fast. I am trying to absorb it all, trying to memorize the fuzzy lanugo covering his cheeks and back, his funny little newborn toes that fan out, how his body is still curled up most of the time and how his short hair sticks straight up in places...

Silas' eyes look like they might turn blue (and either stay blue or turn green like mine?). Elaina had green-hazel eyes as a baby but they turned brown, Abigail's were dark from the start, Zoe has blue eyes and Judah's eyes were this camo-green-brown color and eventually turned brown. So it could be that my littlest girl and my littlest boy are the light-eyed babies?!

This looks like a Judah-face! He was scowling at the flash from my phone. You can see all the fuzzy, light lanugo all over his precious face.

Daddy has been soaking up Silas-love a ton. This is the most involved I've ever seen him with our newborns. Considering Silas may be the last one we have it's hard to not feel bittersweet about it and want to take it all in. If Daddy isn't busy cleaning or doing something else and I'm not breastfeeding Silas then Daddy is holding him. It's so precious!

One of our many middle-of-the-night photo sessions with my phone, LOL! He wakes around 2, 4-5 and 6-7.

Judah calls him "Buddy" and tries to rip him from my arms constantly. He's starting to get used to the fact Silas is here for good so he isn't so adamantly crazy about holding him and being in his face as much. Judah will play and stomp around the house, stop all of a sudden and run to Silas to give him kisses and then go back to stomping and playing. He does this over and over again throughout the day! It's like he has to touch base with his baby brother.

I waited for the umbilical cord stump to fall off before putting on cloth since cloth is so much bigger and tends to rub that stump and irritate it whereas I can fold the disposables down and out of the way. I think Silas looks pretty stoked to have on a bright green diaper! Big oops on my part; I don't have enough cloth for him. If he had been a girl I would have had a huge box of Zoe's old cloth diapers but alas he is not a girl AND Judah still wears his so I need to get Silas more for when the dirties are in the wash.

Some regression in the house! Judah has been pitching a fit about naps and bedtime. Just the other night he still was not asleep at 1AM! Finally all was silent around 1:30 so I went to peek in at him and Judah had fallen asleep STANDING in the crib, his head resting on the rail. No pic, though, because he woke up when he heard me peek in at him and I finally gave up and put him in our bed. We have a queen. We need a king. I don't care about bed-sharing but Daniel and I sleep terrible when we're hanging on to the edge of the bed.

I don't know now - I keep telling people he's blond but I think I do see some strawberry/red in there. What do you think?!

This is Silas today, after our 2-week checkup with the midwife. He's a whopping 10-lbs (at birth he was 8lb 4oz!) so I would say he's getting enough milk. He's an amazing nurser. I am still so blessed by that (and that is a whole other blog post to come!).


The Mommy said...

He is precious!! I think his hair looks a little strawberry blonde too.
Soak it all up!

juliane2004 said...

No doubt he's got red hair! Adorable.

Chelley N said...

Newborns are just so sweet. This blog gives me baby fever...