Sunday, June 16, 2013

Recovery after Birth

I was going to write this post about some things we did to make recovering from birth easier this time around. Things like: taking alfalfa in the third trimester, purposefully staying in bed for  the first 72-hours (bedrest) after the birth, taking a product called After Ease to help ease uterine cramps, etc. I was going to write this post since the first three days of postpartum recovery were the easiest I have had thus far when, for the majority of women, postpartum pains are worse the more children you have.

And then day four happened.

I had fallen asleep, sitting straight up, in the glider. When I woke up on that day four I wrenched my back so badly getting out of the glider that I bawled my eyes out for an hour before I realized I felt really hot. I took my temp and it was 101F. My heart began to beat wildly. "Oh no, I have a uterine infection or something!" I texted my midwives and crawled into bed with Silas, still in tears from the excruciating pain.

They asked me several questions, trying to narrow down what could be going on. As soon as they had time between appointments I got a call and was given instructions. Lots of temp-taking and Advil-popping was in order.

 Day Two: feeling great and just showered, ahhh!
My temp got up to 103F at one point. I was shivering so bad my insides hurrrrrt! And the coughing started... I didn't have a uterine infection. I had the start of an upper respiratory infection. After two days my temp went down and I had to get my body up! I was so weak. I had zero appetite so I hardly ate anything during those days. I couldn't sit because of all the pressure it put on my spine so I had to lay in bed. I was in bed, only able to lay on one of my sides, during that time so my body became sore in other ways. My hips and pelvis hurt so badly I could barely walk.

So today, day 8, is the first day I have been able to get up, feel good and walk without limping and actually BE part of the rest of the family. And I can sit. I don't know when in all that my back decided to stop spazzing but I will not question it. The fact is my back feels better.

The cough, however, is worse and I'm starting to get hoarse. We're using our oils like crazy. Breastfeeding my newest little man like crazy so he doesn't catch it.

 Today, with my Silas boy. Rest of the family was at church so we nursed and rested until it was time to be picked up for family Father's Day lunch. Everyone seems to have the same gunk and I asked if it was okay to come even though I had a cough but no one cared.

Daddy moved seats and installed the infant seat this morning, on Father's Day. He wanted to be sure we could all fit and get out of the house. That's how much he rocks as Daddy! This was Silas' first outing. He did FANTASTIC at his aunt and uncles' house!

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