Saturday, June 15, 2013

Meeting Baby and One Week Old

It was very early morning when I went into labor and had baby Silas. Things seemed to happen quick and we played things by ear regarding childcare. Before I knew it Silas was in my arms and we realized - the kids are still here and they're still fast asleep, even through my moaning, groaning and yelling. I had Silas in our room so Zoe and Judah were right across our tiny hall and didn't stir.

It actually worked out perfectly because they awoke one-by-one, after I had my first potty break after the birth, when I was snuggled and clean in bed. Judah was the first riser and his face was so absolutely priceless. He just lit up like a Christmas tree. I caught it on Daniel's phone and am copying from Instagram (one of the midwives was doing Silas' measurements so she brought him over to meet Judah):

At some point in labor Daniel had texted his mom that I was in labor or my water broke or something. We got a text, while I was holding the baby, that said "How far apart are the contractions?" I laughed and told Daniel to call his mom!!! Imagine her surprise when he called and said, "The baby is here!" She couldn't believe it and wanted to know the gender. We told her she had to come see for herself! Nonna didn't waste any time and came over quick (it helps that Daniel's parents live five blocks away!) with Daniel's sister.

Elaina came down next and Daniel told her he had a surprise for her. She saw the bathroom (the hose we used for the birth tub, there was blood and all sorts of other birth stuff in there) so she turned, ran up the stairs and woke Abigail up. Daniel overheard her, "Abbie, Abbie, wake up! I think Mom had the baby, there's blood in the bathroom and Dad said there's a surprise! I bet Mom had the baby!" That girl is so smart to piece all the evidence together, ha ha!

Judah was "beeping" his nose here!

They came pounding down the stairs. The midwives being there made them both super bashful so they just stood there and smiled at me and the baby. Silas and I were still unclothed but wrapped up in blankets, for skin-to-skin, so I peeled back enough blanket and showed them his little toes and fingers. And of course we told them, "YOU HAVE A BROTHER!"

Zoe was the last one to rise and acted in typical 3-year-old behavior. She pouted and tried to act uninterested until everyone else had left the room. The other kids were getting ready to go with Nonna for a few hours and the midwives were busy cleaning up. Zoe climbed up next to me and finally put down her defenses. Over the next two days she'd be my bed-buddy, coming up to stare at her brother and kiss him. I told her they had the same hair color and were the same weight at birth. Her eyes lit up and she said, "We awe twins!"

Silas is exactly one week old now. Here are some pictures over the week (in no particular order since uploading to Blogger is super weird):

Puffy newborn eyes. We didn't do the eye drops. They just get swollen from pressure in the birth canal.

Right after birth, doing skin-to-skin. So soft and squishy and sticky with vernix. They never washed him and his skin absorbed the vernix really fast (I'm sure the blanket absorbed some of it, too) but he was COVERED. Wish I had gotten a picture of it all over his back and it was even in his ears and making it hard for him to open his eyes.

Trying to squint his eyes open. They look bluish, rather than murky brownish. Zoe is my only blue-eyed baby unless Silas' end up turning blue as well! 

 About to get dressed in his first outfit. Had to get a full-body photo!

Father and son!

The little details...

Zoe wanted to pose with Silas while I was breastfeeding him. Cuties!

The most recent picture from today! He loves his binky when he's not nursing or sleeping. Though he was sleeping here. Look at his little puppy feet!