Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Baby's Nursery Project

The other week, when I hit 37-weeks, I felt so much pressure and started having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions. I was throwing back water and freaking out that I was going into labor. Then I realized I had nothing done. I obviously ended up not having the baby... so off to the store we went to get paint. I was determined to get things ready. I think I've put it off in my brain that birth IS imminent and a new human being will be attached to me, quite literally, for the next several months. I also knew this meant big projects like this would be months off from being done and completed so best to get 'er done now.

Enjoy the transformation of our little master suite sitting room (AKA the baby's nursery). It's a little room in our master bedroom.

STEP ONE: Make a big mess in order to paint and clean another mess. Hello! That is my room. It became an obstacle course for several days.

STEP TWO: Lay down a tarp, or an old sheet in this case, to protect your hardwood floors. Please note that sheet will get in the way so much you end up wadding it up and chucking it aside. Paint comes off hardwood... right?! Also get out all your paint supplies.

STEP THREE: Put your kids to work! Give them washcloths and tell them to scrub the walls and trim to remove all the built-up dust that can accumulate in about 2.34 seconds in such an old house. They don't even know they're WORKING because it's so much fun. Look at how ghastly that red paint is with the brown trim. *shudder*

STEP FOUR: No primer needed. Bought the primer & paint combo and start rolling it onto the walls. This is the EASY part. Rolling is easy. It goes very fast. However I will never buy the paint + primer again. I prefer to have them separate. The paint seems thicker when there is no primer in it.

STEP FIVE: Start painting the trim (note there's no painter's tape - that's how I rock it when I paint!) and notice that the paint is SO THIN it is like painting with water. This was after a few coats of the trim paint. I had to drive about 25 minutes back to the store to exchange it. Paint guy messes up the next two cans he mixes and finally we get something that is not quite as thin but still thinner than paint should be.

STEP SIX: Break out the ladder! It's time to paint up high. I will admit I did two coats of the trim up there (I did about 4 coats on ground level) because I figured no one would look too closely at how thin the stupid paint was and I WAS TIRED. Love that this pic is sideways, too.
NOTE: These windows do not open but fans were going and other windows behind me WERE open. I listen to my body and take frequent breaks.

STEP SEVEN: Rejoice that you're finally, finally done painting and the fun part of decorating can begin! Get a big bowl of hot, soapy water and scrub all that paint off the floor (since you, ya know, wadded up the old sheet somewhere in the midst of sweating your buns off and got paint all over the hardwood floors!).
ANOTHER NOTE: The windows will be replaced... someday. They were painted by previous owners and because I want to get new windows I didn't focus too much on the windows themselves. So you can see the paint isn't as great IN the window.

The finished room (view taken from the end of my bed).
Curtains and Glider from Target, co-sleeper from Amazon.com, hot air balloon plaques and dresser from thrift stores.Paint colors are Bumblebee Yellow and Chandelier Sparkle by Glidden. Area rug (not shown) from Old Time Pottery.

We went from drab to fab. Took me four days. Other than the older two girls helping to roll and paint for a few minutes that initial first day I worked alone. Daniel did not get his momma's painting and DIY skills. There may or may not have been moments of such intense frustration that I yelled or cried. I do NOT know why I waited until the end of week 37 and beginning of week 38 to start this project. I wanted to paint this room for months but could never decide on a color.

Did I mention I also bought paint for the upstairs bathroom?! That is our project this week.

Oh and did I mention that we're almost done renovating our first floor bathroom?! That should be done by the time I give birth or shortly after baby comes. We hired our brother-in-law to do the work but he can only work on Saturdays for a bit. He's doing a phenomenal job and I think they will paint this weekend. Then they will install the floor, toilet, sink and lights. Note I say "they" because this lady is staying out of this project other than decorating and picking all the fun stuff!

In fact I got a toilet plunger and a little bathmat to put in front of the sink (since kids will probably make lots of lovely messes when they wash their hands) as well as the lightswitch and outlet covers. I also found some CUTE Ikea curtains on Amazon and a lovely mirror from Hobby Lobby. Daniel and I went to the home improvement store to pick out lights and the sink. Fun!!! Cannot wait to show those transformation pictures as well.

First Floor Bathroom Colors: Pale blue, black and white (very crisp and clean)
Second Floor Bathroom Colors: Light grey, dark grey and deep plum purple.

Pics of those transformations to come. Which will come first? More DIY project photos... or birth photos?! EEK! We are down to the wire!


The Mommy said...

Wowza!! You are one busy lady!!

Susan Sene said...

Looks great!!! Can't believe you had the energy to do all that. :)

Kassy said...

The nursery looks great! It looks like you have an old home like we do... love the character of the big trim and hard wood floors!
-Kassy (5boysAnd1Girl)