Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Sometimes it feels like your world is crumbling underneath your feet. That when one bad thing happens it causes a domino effect of other bad things to happen...

A week ago my father-in-law went to the doctor thinking they were going to discuss cholesterol and diet but instead he found out he had Malignant Melanoma, aka skin cancer. One of the deadliest and most aggressive cancers.

Other things have also happened this week but are too private to share (and no, they're not about me or my little ones or husband so no worries in that regard) and involve several close family members who desperately need prayer.

This all has been so hard on Daniel. I hate seeing my husband so torn up. Daniel is a very deep person who feels things with his whole heart and soul (the good, the bad and the ugly!). Telling my kids about this, and some other things going on, has been really hard. I want to keep them innocent as long as possible. But life and death are a part of humanity and is inevitably something that has to be discussed. I don't want to see them lose their Poppy or see him sick. He is so amazing and good with his grandchildren. Patient with them, he can put babies to sleep in a snap, willing to sacrifice what he wants to do in order for them to be entertained, takes them on walks. I remember when Elaina was a baby she'd go and take naps with him after church, the only grandbaby (I think?) that would do that with him. I don't tell him enough how much I appreciate his tenderness with his grandchildren and this is a good reminder to make sure I do tell him... often! And regardless of the outcome.

And in that regard I am believing and praying for the absolute best outcome for my father-in-law. I am believing that his surgery, that he hopes to have next week, will be successful in keeping him cancer-free and that he won't need chemo that will make him ill. Will you please believe with me?

When it rains it can pour. But God is still on the throne. He is still my Protector, my Provider, my Healer, my Friend. He is a Light that shines through the storm.


Vixbil said...

I feel for you guys and it does always seem that way! One pain or sorrow always seems to have company! I'll believe with you though xxx

Susan Sene said...

Sorry :( Said a prayer for you and your family!

De said...

Praying with you and trusting the unshakeable character of God, the promise giver-keeper. ~De