Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Any Day - Full Term

37 weeks marks the time in a pregnant woman's journey where her baby is considered "full term". I am over 37 weeks and I'm beyond ready physically BUT I am not doing anything to try to move things along. I really prefer to be closer to 39+ weeks so baby's lungs and other organs definitely have enough time to mature. So we patiently wait...

On Friday, the day I hit 37-weeks, I saw a spot of blood on the TP. I texted my midwife to let her know. I just want to keep in touch with her about what is going on since we are in the final stages. There was nothing else, no CM, all day long. But I did have some whoppers of Braxton Hicks contractions well into the evening! Baby is LOW, LOW, LOW! I think that baby dropped because my belly button looks flatter and isn't sticking out anymore. And I can feel pain shooting in my cervix when baby moves a lot or if I walk a lot. I was getting kind of worried that day that every time I felt pressure to go to the bathroom (which is every five minutes, seriously, so baby really must have dropped) that I'm going to deliver a baby on my own on the toilet! I can do it  and I'm not worried about that but I don't want to do it alone, if that makes sense!

I definitely think my body is gearing up, possibly in those early, early labor stages (which can last days, even weeks!). So I'm listening very carefully to my body to gauge if something is stirring or not.

Today my midwife and her two apprentices came by to drop off the birth pool, listen to heart tones, check out the digs and chat about the upcoming birth. Can we say "THIS IS REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN!!!" It does not matter that I've given birth four times. It is still crazy. A BABY is coming out of there! One way or another a human being is going to be born. Wow!

I don't really mind the labor and delivery part. It's the postpartum part that I dread. Labor and delivery gives you a baby. Postpartum pain gives you... pain while caring for that new baby morning, noon and night! I'm praying for a super easy postpartum recovery because it was a nightmare with Judah. The more you have, they say, the worse the afterbirth pains are. Oh joy!


In other news - I temporarily closed my Etsy shop (I make and sell hand-stamped stainless steel jewelry). I think I closed it later than I should have to be honest. I am really down to the wire with my time and energy when it comes to getting prepared for baby. I think I've subconsciously pretended that birth wasn't imminent, ha!

My goals for this week:
-Finish painting 2nd story bathroom
-Paint baby's little nook in our room
-Clean and reorganize my studio
-List and sell curriculum we didn't use
-Have fun with my kids, especially one-on-one if possible
-Get the rest of our homebirth stuff put together in ONE place
-Keep things clean and tidy (I stress over messes)
-Make returns to the store (keep forgetting)

I'm sure there's more but the main thing I want to do is paint baby's space and spend quality time with my other kidlets. I may have Elaina help paint! I bet she'd love that.

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The Mommy said...

Can’t wait to hear of this little one's arrival! I agree that post partum is HARD! I will be praying that things are easier for you this time.