Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Baby Names

I cannot remember if I ever mentioned the baby names we have picked out. I may have so forgive my tired brain if I'm just repeating myself.

If baby is a girl her name will be Naya (Daniel and I are still debating spelling AND a middle name - name is pronounced just like Mya/Maya but with an "N" so it is nigh-uh). Naya means "Renewal; Refreshed". I like the spelling Naiya has well. Daniel likes Nya. He doesn't like either of my spellings.

If baby is a boy his name will be Silas Daniel. Silas means "Man of the Woods" and it reminds me of Biblical figures who were men of the wilderness (like John the Baptist).

I love both names so much. I cannot wait to birth our baby, pull them to my chest and find out if little Naya or little Silas was the one kicking me all these months.

Several weeks ago a prophetic word was spoken about our baby. They said our baby was a "harbinger of good news". Funnily enough they had NO IDEA what a harbinger even was and neither did we. In the middle of church service someone broke out their phone and snagged the definition:

From Dictionary.com:


1. a person who goes ahead and makes known the approach of another; herald.
2. anything that foreshadows a future event; omen; sign

Considering the names and the meanings behind them I thought that was a pretty cool word. There was more to it but I need to ask Daniel to refresh my memory. I think they may have recorded the service so I want to ask. My brain feels like such a muddle mess with all I have going on so it wasn't that it was a bad word or not memorable to say the least - it was REALLY cool so I want to recall the entirety of it.

Then we were given another word during a special worship and prayer service we did recently. I was told this baby was going to be a sweetness to me in a new, special way that I had never experienced before. That wasn't to say my others weren't sweet because they all have been! So that was pretty exciting. Each new life is so precious and unique. I love thinking of my baby as a messenger of good news as well as a big, cuddly ball of sweetness!!!


The Mommy said...

LOVE both names! Can't wait for the delivery!!

Susan Sene said...

Love the name Silas! I have a hard time picking a name that ends in an "s" because our last name starts that way so I get concerned it will blend together too much. But that's probably kinda silly I suppose. Funny that you blogged about this because I am currently taking a break from trying to figure out a boy name for this baby. We have a girl name pretty much set (we aren't sharing) and have a boy name too but I'm just not as set on it as the girl name - mainly because it doesn't have significance and meaning like our girl names. Anyway, can't wait to find out what you're having.

Stephanie Precourt said...

How exciting! I love those names. Gray has a Nya in his class this year.