Sunday, April 28, 2013


I think spring is finally sticking! We're going to the zoo tomorrow (why am I still up?!). We have been playing outside a ton, getting sunshine. Even though I'm beyond uncomfortable most of the time I'm trying to get out there with the kids, go on walks, etc.

As of Friday I'm in week 33! We're just a few days away from May so soon I will be saying, "I'm having a baby NEXT MONTH". It is flying by for everyone else. To me I feel like I've been pregnant for forever. I get a big bump pretty quick but the last week or two it has really started to feel heavy.

Little one rolls and kicks up a storm. My daughters are fascinated watching their little sibling distort my stomach. Sometimes I get a foot that rolls really close to my side and it actually tickles! Most of the time I feel what I believe is the baby's knee at belly-button level. I can almost always poke around my belly button and feel a baby part (and of course baby reacts when I start poking around - so much fun to not have the placenta in the way!).

Baby is starting to not like it when I stamp (Judah was the same way). It's loud. I put a pillow around my belly and tie it on with the tie from my robe. I look ridiculous but it helps a lot and baby calms down. So we're getting close to closing shop up for maternity leave for a bit but I'm trying to make a bunch of pre-made (non custom) jewelry. If you have NO IDEA what I'm talking about check out my ad on the left sidebar for JoyBelleJewelry on Etsy. That is my business and shop! I make and sell the most wonderful stainless steel stamped jewelry and gifts.

Okay end of shameless self-promotion.

Alright if I don't want to be a grouchy lioness myself at the zoo I better go get some shut-eye.
If you're on Instagram find me as @joybellejewelry and you'll hear from me more often, ha!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Baby Names

I cannot remember if I ever mentioned the baby names we have picked out. I may have so forgive my tired brain if I'm just repeating myself.

If baby is a girl her name will be Naya (Daniel and I are still debating spelling AND a middle name - name is pronounced just like Mya/Maya but with an "N" so it is nigh-uh). Naya means "Renewal; Refreshed". I like the spelling Naiya has well. Daniel likes Nya. He doesn't like either of my spellings.

If baby is a boy his name will be Silas Daniel. Silas means "Man of the Woods" and it reminds me of Biblical figures who were men of the wilderness (like John the Baptist).

I love both names so much. I cannot wait to birth our baby, pull them to my chest and find out if little Naya or little Silas was the one kicking me all these months.

Several weeks ago a prophetic word was spoken about our baby. They said our baby was a "harbinger of good news". Funnily enough they had NO IDEA what a harbinger even was and neither did we. In the middle of church service someone broke out their phone and snagged the definition:



1. a person who goes ahead and makes known the approach of another; herald.
2. anything that foreshadows a future event; omen; sign

Considering the names and the meanings behind them I thought that was a pretty cool word. There was more to it but I need to ask Daniel to refresh my memory. I think they may have recorded the service so I want to ask. My brain feels like such a muddle mess with all I have going on so it wasn't that it was a bad word or not memorable to say the least - it was REALLY cool so I want to recall the entirety of it.

Then we were given another word during a special worship and prayer service we did recently. I was told this baby was going to be a sweetness to me in a new, special way that I had never experienced before. That wasn't to say my others weren't sweet because they all have been! So that was pretty exciting. Each new life is so precious and unique. I love thinking of my baby as a messenger of good news as well as a big, cuddly ball of sweetness!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Single-Digit Countdown

This past Friday I hit 31-weeks. Down to single-digit countdown (week-wise anyway) BUT of course estimated due dates are *estimates* and just an approximation of when baby could arrive. Could still be over 10 weeks away. Elaina guessed baby would come 10 days after her birthday (which makes her guess the 14th, my EDD, LOL!). We shall see!

Saw the midwife today and all is well. Baby's heart rate has been consistently on the low side (120's-130's) but is strong and perfect with "great variance" as my midwife said today.

The other night I felt this large, round ball at the top of my uterus and I'm pretty sure baby was breech. By "large" I mean larger than an elbow or a knee for certain, maybe baseball sized or so. I have never felt anything like that before! When I woke up the next morning they had turned back down. Today my midwife confirmed baby was still head-down. Praying baby stays put!

It was not very comfortable for me at all when baby was in breech position so perhaps it wasn't comfortable for baby either and that is why he/she turned. It was as though I couldn't stretch enough to give them room. I'm short and there's not much room.

Baby likes to push out right at my belly button. I almost always feel a hard little body part there (knee and the leg). Baby gets lots of hiccups! Today the hiccups seemed endless. When I am driving baby decides to "dance" and wiggle and squirm. Remember that I mentioned that this is the first pregnancy I have had where the placenta wasn't in the front blocking most movements so I am feeling this baby like I've never felt my others - it's crazy awesome!!! My belly distorts with their movement. I feel a body part or movement almost constantly.

I'm starting to notice a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions. They are definitely noticeable and intense but not painful. They get me excited to be quite honest! I'm actually having one at the moment which reminded me to mention them here.

So there's a little update since it's been awhile! I'm off to bed to catch some Zzz's (however many I can get - seems I have been having fitful sleep the past week or two).