Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Latest

Okay so I have started writing posts and then have been so tired that I just shut the computer off, hence my silence. Here are some recent pics from my phone (sorry if you're on my Instagram they're probably repeats).

 26-week (?!) belly shot. I already forgot what week this was taken. And yes, it's a big bump and yes there is only one in there. Had someone ask me today, "So any day now, right? You look ready!" Ahhh... the comments begin. I don't get offended, mostly amused. People don't always mean harm.

 Best buds - Elaina and Judah
 My birth kit arrived (I may have already posted about this?!). I got it way faster than I anticipated so that was nice. Great company, too. They included a little bookmark-sized paper in the box with a prayer for safe birth. Amen! I'll take it!
This weekend Abigail and I went to get haircuts. This is her before (she was showing off her first lost tooth) and her after. It was fun going out with my girl! She picked out a pretty headband at the salon as well and has been wearing it everyday since.
We had a spring teaser until yesterday. It was glorious out! We broke out the scooters and went on a nice, long walk. Miss Zoe stopped to pose for me before trying to race after her sisters. I hear a lot of "Guys, wait for me!" from her lately.

Celebrated my birthday and Daddy's birthday (ours are exactly a week apart, except on Leap Year) a few weeks ago. I told him he was an old fart to which he threw back, "But you're a year older than me so what does that make you?!" Touche!

Midwife appointment Tuesday! Baby has been moving up a storm.


Susan Sene said...

You're better than me. I take comments people make very much to heart. Maybe I shouldn't. But maybe people should also think a bit more before speaking to a hormonal pregnant woman. :)

cindy said...

Love your blog and what a precious family !!

Photogrl said...

LOVE seeing your growing belly!

Trying to catch up, miss my "bloggy" friends!