Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Roll Call!

I just updated my list of "Blogs I Love" on my right-hand sidebar. I have so many others that I love but my laptop battery is about to die and it's way past my bedtime. I think that's enough for now. Browse around and you may find a few new blogs to follow!

I kind of feel like I've entered a different season in blogging. When I first started blogging several years ago a whole gaggle of us ladies were connected to one another intimately - we all read each others' blogs and really got to know each others' families. We've since moved our friendships onto Facebook, a more private forum and I've since seen other bloggers come and go (heck I've been pretty quiet myself but trying to be better) without really getting that sense of community anymore.

My own writing style has changed (I feel so dry, boring and tired... sorry!) and I'm struggling to really come out of this shell I've burrowed in. I want to find my writer's voice once again.

When you're a teenager you're told you have time to decide what you want to be when you grow up, that one day you'll "know who you are" but I'm getting closer to 30 and still feel like there are days when I just don't recognize myself anymore. So I'm in that place right now - a transitional phase. Much like a caterpillar of a mom wanting to get her wings and soar! Hopefully sooner rather than later. I feel change in the air. Part of that can be scary and part of it is so mysterious and fun.

Leave me a comment, especially newer followers! I don't know so many of you and would love to hear from y'all. Blessings!


Carly said...

I've followed your blog for about 2 years now, Joy! Still always tune in whenever there's a new post. Don't worry, you're not boring. But you do have more kids than you used to so I can understand how difficult it is to find the time to blog.

Feel free to browse around mine - that way you'll see what a boring blog actually looks like haha!!

The Mommy said...

Real life is boring sometimes, but I find you anything but boring! I think lots of times it is the less exciting things that make moms realize we are all in this crazy journey with people that area lot like us. Being a homeschool mom can feel isolating at times, even when you have some sort of activity four days a week.

Leah said...

I started following your blog YEARS ago when I found and connected with you on Med Help. We were both part of the infertility forum, and wow, has life changed since! I think you had two children at the time, and I was hoping for my first. :)

Susan Sene said...

I'm so glad you're updating your blog more often. You're one of the only bloggers I have left that I still feel connected to since I'm not on Facebook anymore. :)

Ashley said...

Hey lady!!! Your comments have been brightening my day!!