Sunday, March 3, 2013

Birth Kit

I just ordered my birth kit! What is that?! A birth kit is a kit of essentials that families buy for their home birth which are not provided by the midwife (in some cases people choose to have supplies ready just in case they don't make it to their place of birth and some people choose to have unassisted birth and need supplies). Most kits are around $30, give or take, some items may already be in your home. You can search your midwife by name in the search engine to find their birth kit at In His Hands (not all midwives may have a list on there). These are the same things you'd be charged for at a hospital or birth center but may not realize it unless you ask for an itemized bill so this isn't unusual.

My kit included such things as the birth certificate, the cord clamp/ring, those big blue and white absorbent pads, gloves, Peri bottle, etc. I also got the birth pool liner and a huge sheet of plastic to protect my floors from the birth pool water.

The cord clamp is actually called a cord ring and looks different than the traditional clamps that have been used in my past births. The long, yellowish clamps always got caught on stuff and irritated my babies so I'm hopeful the ring is less intrusive.

I didn't really need to buy the birth kit just yet but I wanted to because I get my Raspberry Leaf Tea cheaper online than at my local vitamin store (by half the price!). It was going to be $7 to ship a couple boxes of tea or $10 to ship my entire kit, pool liner, tea, etc. Just made sense to get it all at once.

Other baby things I've gotten and crossed off the list:
          We co-sleep/bedshare. Three of our four other littles were in bed with us as infants. Our second-born was the only one who slept on her own, through the night, very early on and liked it that way. In many ways bedsharing has made me feel like I get more sleep and better sleep BUT it's very light sleep. I wanted the co-sleeper so baby is right there but not between Daniel and me, they have their space. The co-sleeper I got attaches to the bed.
          *This is one of those things that I know can be controversial. It can be done safely and it can also be done very unsafely. If you're interested in learning more THIS is one article that I found and loved. I also wrote my own article about it HERE.

-Changing Pad
          We have had the same changing pad since Elaina was a baby! It has seen us through lots of diaper changes but alas, it is time to get a new one. Beyond time... Not everyone cares for changing tables but I have used one since day one with my babies and love it. When our downstairs bathroom is done, hopefully later this month, the changing table will be in there since most changes happen downstairs during the day and the laundry room is right next door!

Other than the clothes my sister will get for me (she gets to shop with my money; I'm not making her pay!) since she knows the gender (and no, she won't tell you so don't bother begging her to tell you!) that is really about all I needed or wanted for baby. I may need more cloth diapers if baby is a boy, though, since I still diaper Judah and he uses all of his.

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Susan Sene said...

I have some cloth diapers I wanna sell if you're interested - 4 aio grovia and some pockets and contours. I have too many!!! :) and most are gender neutral

so exciting you got your birth stuff in!! How fun we are both waiting to find out the gender!!