Friday, February 22, 2013

Snowed in!

I finally have pictures to share! Yesterday we were snowed in and today we decided to try to find the snow shovel and dig out the vehicles (and by "we" I mean "Daniel"). The problem is the kids were playing with it in the backyard pre-snow, which they weren't supposed to do. They left it out somewhere in the backyard and then about a foot of snow fell on top of it. Needless to say the shovel was not found. Hopefully some of the white stuff melts tomorrow so we can find it in time to dig up the sidewalk, walkway and driveway. Have I mentioned I hate snow/winter? Which is why you won't find me outside in the following pics... (taken from the warmth of my backroom, indoors):

 Poor Elaina has no snowsuit but she was wearing lots of layers. Making a snow angel!

 Zoe was flapping her arms like a bird trying to do her angel!

 Abigail stopping in her search for the shovel to give me a grin.

 Reno got a nose-full of snow! Sam is right behind him - see the extra legs, ha ha. Watching them TRY to bound around in the snow is hilarious.

Zoe found a spot, sat down and had herself a snowy snack (no worries, no yellow snow). Love her expression of pure delight.

Judah had stayed indoors with me. I don't have a snowsuit for him and can only find ONE of his boots. I have no clue where it could even be as I cleaned out his room today and of course Zoe's room has been rearranged and didn't find it there either. Hmmm.............. missing shovel and a missing boot! What else could I possibly miss?!?!

Elaina woke up yesterday with an irritated eye and it quickly manifested as pink eye. Lovely. She can't keep her eyes open and the light bothers her, too. I'm hoping it resolves quickly as I know how miserable it is when your eyes bug you like that.

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